My time with DC Universe Online: Character Creation (With Video!)

I can’t help myself. Every time a new mmo is released I have to buy it. I play for the first month and see if it sticks. I also think the first month(ish) is vital to a mmos development. With these things in mind I’m going to be playing/recording a lot of DCuo (That’s DC Universe Online) and where better to start than with character creation. Obliviously I recommend you watch my fantastic video but read this too!

The biggest problem with the DCuo’s character creation is that it can be compared directly to CoH (City of Heroes) and more recently Champions online. Both games have vastly superior hero making capabilities and are renowned for having some of the best character creation in a mmo. So the question is why didn’t they just copy it? Sure it would be easy to say it’s not original but in the end it would make a better game. Even things as simple as categories for different types of clothing rather than one big list would have helped so much. About half way through the process I simply didn’t care anymore, I just wanted to get out of the character creation as quickly as possible. 
Part 1:

Part 2:


I suck at Starcraft! (Video proof)

I suck at Starcraft but I love watching it. I can’t enough of the current GSL on Gomtv and I’m constantly watching replays on YouTube. It’s a real shame that I don’t know what the hell I’m doing when it comes to multiplayer but I want to get better. So I’m going to start doing daily ladder matches and try my best to actually win. Oh and I decided to record some of my matches. I figure you can see high level Starcraft play everywhere and some of you would get a kick of just how bad I am...


Donate and win!

I will be participating in the Extra Life gaming marathon this weekend in a effort to raise money for children's hospitals all over the world. I have managed to gather some PSN and XBLA codes to give away to people that donate to me. Please if you can donate and maybe you will get something in return! 
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So far I have 8 codes to give away so if 8 or less people donate you're definitely going to get something!


Starcraft 2 Launch: Quest for Starcrafts

I went to Starcraft 2 midnight launch at Oxford Street in London to get get my CE edition of Starcraft 2. It was actually quite a good event, they gave out free cupcakes and goodie bags and had people dress up as some of the characters. I also bought a clip with me!


Red Dead Redemption and why I’m disappointed

I get too excited and worked up about games before they’re released. I can’t help it. I always build myself up and most of the time the game doesn’t meet my expectations. This happened most recently with Red Dead Redemption and in my defence it was hard not to get excited about it. I like the western setting, I like Rockstar and in the 3 day period between the US and EU release date I got even more excited by reading the ravishing reviews it received. So when the time came to actually play the game I was all ready to make sweet tender love to Red Dead Redemption.

The world of Red Dead Redemption is beautiful and highly detailed no one can argue against that but what good is that world if there is nothing fun to do in it. When you take the main story missions out the equation all you’re left with is a bunch of mundane tasks. Do I really want to break in horses repeatedly? Skin animals all day? Pick some flowers? No I want to be a damn cowboy! Now to be fair there are some more action orientated tasks but they become just as tedious very quickly. The only thing that seems to be worth doing is the story missions. The character acting in the cut scenes are great and at this point it’s the only thing keeping me going. The problem comes in the actual game play of the missions. The mission formula Rockstar uses seems to not have changed from GTA 3, just replace the cars with horses. Though the gun play has definitely improved it’s still not strong enough to support missions that offer nothing new or exciting.

After saying all that Red Dead Redemption is definitely not a bad game but after being so full of excitement and seeing its 95 average on metacritic it’s hard not to be a little disappointed. Would I feel the same if I didn’t pay attention to the reviews or the pre-release videos? Maybe but I think it’s a situation I will never be in. I’m constantly reading previews, watching every trailer I can find and getting too excited for upcoming games but like I said... I can’t help it.