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Posted by Matt

 Fallen Earth is a new post apocalyptic MMO that just launched that deserves a lot more press than its getting. Hopefully after watching these videos I can convince some of you to give it a try. I couldn’t embed all 3 parts so ill link parts 2 and 3 below part 1.   

Part 2

Part 3
Posted by pause422

Watching this now, havent heard of it before..seems like it could be interesting.

Posted by Scooper

It's certainly an impressive looking MMO. Nice Quick-look, I guess, Pascal!

Posted by pause422

I would definitely try it, but atm Its too close to so many other releases I'm spending money on..there doesn't just seem to be a 10 or 15 day trial or one month subscrption or anything, I really just can't spend 50 bucks on a game I would only be testing right now. Hopefully later on they let people do a trial of the game.

Posted by RichardLOlson

This MMO looks good...but I've been noticing that since this whole 2012 bullshit has been surfacing, everyone has been trying to cash in on this apocalyptic non-sense.   I understand that the tribal calender ends at 2012, but why does that automatically mean its the end of the world.  And if it is the end, then I guess I'll just have to sit back with a cigar and enjoy the frenzy.  I won't be to worried cause I feel the gaming industry has lived a full life and has made a big improvement since the atari 2600. 

Posted by Matt

Yeah MMO's are an investment and looking at this holidays release schedule I probably won’t have much time/money to play either.  

Posted by AhmadMetallic

how i love video games.

Posted by JoelTGM

cool I got into the beta for this game, but everytime I tried the servers were down or something so I didn't bother.  watching your vids now.

Posted by sdnewman

Awesome Quick Look, dude! This game looks way better than I expected, especially considering I've never even heard of it until now. Keep doing more videos, too! You seem to have a knack for it.

Posted by Jeffsekai

Loving you're videos, only problem is they always seem to take for ever to load.

Posted by Matt

Maybe because there in HD. You can try turning HD off and see if that helps.

Edited by empfeix

I love your quick looks matt, quality video and I enjoy your commentary, keep it up 
oh btw, the peewee dance is peewee herman dude!! I loved that guy as a kid 

Edited by TheMustacheHero

Wow, this game looks pretty good. Are there a lot of people around? or is it kinda like a ghost town?

Posted by Origina1Penguin

You do a good job at solo commentary.  Funny stuff.

Posted by Matt

 Thanks for all the feedback guys :D

Posted by Mike

This is the first I've even heard of this game.

Posted by Matt

 Yeah its being self published by the developer so they could do with the promotion.

Posted by Breadfan

Awesome videos dude.  That game looks pretty cool, I'll finish watching parts two and three tomorrow as it is pretty late at the moment. 
Keep 'em coming