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Happened to me twice in one weekend. However, I was able to beat it before the second time and get a bunch of achievements. I may return to finish those out if they patch it because I was really enjoying myself. Such a shame.

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I'm actually in this same boat too. Just got a gaming rig and this was one of the games I just had to play on the PC. Thanks for clearing everything up guys.

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Metal Gear Solid 4 hands down. It still is an amazing game to go back and play today.

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I always appreciate when a journalist fully discloses his ties to something he is writing about. Respect.

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@FreakAche: Well it was an early 360 game. At least they weren't unattainable like some of the achievements in those days.
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I'm glad Michael Vick didn't win.

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Never liked fight sticks myself. I feel it's a holdover from arcades and  I am just young enough to have been brought up on consoles and not in arcades. Kind of like the way some people are just better at thumbsticks other than keyboard and mouse.

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More importantly, where is Danzig these days?

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Looks like there is no achievement or unlock for doing this. Not that it isn't just as awesome.

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I think you can buy it right now and get everything you want out of it. After a few days of mining it tends to get old. You can appreciate youtube videos of crazy people's worlds but, let's be honest we play a lot of games and don't have the time to spend weeks mining for gold.