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Hey guys! I bought the remaining Forza 4 car packs today which I didn't previously own. Any cars in there I should purchase and upgrade for race nights. I previously only had car packs included in the season pass (through April Alpinestars pack?), as well as the Porsche expansion and the Dodge SRT Viper pack.

Also, I probably won't be available to race this Thursday night. It's my spring break, and I'm a bit busy getting some stuff sorted out with school for next year, among other things. I'll try to get on to race, but there's no guarantees. Regardless, I should be good to go the following Thursday (March 21). See you guys then!

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Hey guys! I recently started getting back into Forza 4, and was wondering if there was any spots available to race Thursday nights, and spots in the car club? I remember racing with you guys a while back (I don't blame you if you forgot me), but had to drop out due to conflictions with work and school. Well, I'm back now and looking to race!

GT: mjwickstrom1

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Just because he said this, doesn't mean everyone should do it. The guy made a great game, and deserves to be compensated accordingly for it. Knowing this, I'd still buy the game again rather than pirating it, knowing how much I've enjoyed playing it.

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I roll with the Dark Brotherhood armor. My weapons of choice are the Ebony bow, dagger, and sword, all of which I've smith up to a Legendary condition.

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I just played through this today. I didn't have to constantly reload a save though. I just sat back and took him out with arrows, most of them being coated in poison. My archery is in the upper 60's, and my sneak is in the low 90's, so he never discovered where I was.

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I haven't been confronted with the issues presented in patch 1.2 (and yes, I downloaded it). Lucky for me I'm not a magic character, and I haven't seen any backwards flying dragons either (however I wish I had).

I can understand how some would be pissed off at Bethesda. They paid $60 for a game, and don't want to play it in the state it's in. It's up to Bethesda to come out with a quick fix for the big issues remaining in the game.

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Thanks a bunch. Couldn't tell what the name of the shout was in the video due to the poor quality.

Pretty much the glitch is whenever you enter the East Empire Company the argonian you're shadowing disappears completely. Very frustrating. I just want to get on with the Thieves Guild questline.

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@Nodderly: Oh sorry. My MC name is mjwickstrom1.

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I'd like to be let onto the server, if possible. Just bought Minecraft today.