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I only lost Thane. I believe it was because I never earned his loyalty.

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I'd like to be a stealth character with good magic abilities, but I may change my approach to the game depending on what weapons and other equipment I can find early on.

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I roll with Mordecai. I'm technically still on my first playthrough. I beat the main story but am still doing the DLCs. I have the Underdome and Robot Revolution still to complete. I'm not sure of the exact level of my character (high 30s-low 40s).

I don't always go stealth, but I have a great sniper for when I do.

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The mission where you're in the RepConn factory (main quest, on the way to New Vegas) was scary from start to finish. I just hated walking around that dark building, not knowing exactly when a feral ghoul would jump out from around the corner. I was on my toes the entire time I was doing this quest. It didn't help that I was playing it late at night in a room by myself either.

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Dead Money was fun, but extremely frustrating, considering I played through it on hardcore mode. Needless to say, I turned hardcore mode off after beating Dead Money. Personally my favorite DLC has been Honest Hearts, but I'm not quite done with Old World Blues yet, and Lonesome Road looks amazing, to put it in a nutshell.

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I really like the new look of the dashboard. Looks a lot more organized and modern than it's predecessor, but that's also what I said with the original NXE...

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VATS seems like a more futuristic concept, something that should be exclusive to Fallout. The Elder Scrolls are set in more of a medieval setting, so something like VATS in the game would seem out of place.

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Preordered mine from Gamestop. If I'd known Amazon was offering the Subaru for preorders, I probably would've bought from them. I'll take the Alfa Romero regardless!

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Preordered my copy of the Collectors Edition last week, along with Skyim. Can't wait for both!

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@PsEG: Thanks for the suggestions. I preordered my copy already, but had no idea I could get a unicorn car for sending them my receipt! I'll get right on it.