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I threw in the towel pretty quick on this challenge. I felt like I was in a pinball machine going down the hills of Fujimi Kaido.

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I plan on being a stealth character, so I'll likely be an Argonian or Khajilt.

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I preordered my copy a couple months ago, just to guarantee I'd have a copy available to grab on release day. I preordered at Gamestop, so I get a lifesize map of the game or something, which I could care less about. I really wish they gave you a special weapoon/armor or something.

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@phrosnite: It's not worth $50, it's worth $60. Haha!

Can't wait for this! I want to wait until a while after release to watch it (like most), but I have a feeling my temptations will get the best of me.

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@suikoden352 said:

@matt_wickstrom: the update isn't out yet. just the pre-release tab. you'll have to download the registration application onto your xbox that you want the update to be on. the website shows you what all you need to do. the demo has apparently been taken down. i still can't get on.

After Imade my last post I noticed the registration process I needed to complete. Just got my code and will punch it in soon.

Anyone know why this preview program is so different from past ones? In the past I remember just getting an email saying I was accepted (or not accepted), and then automatically got an update the next time I signed into Xbox Live. Kinda weird it's getting changed al of the sudden.

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Definitely getting the N7 Collectors Edition. I'd been against buying CE's of games in the past, but seeing how much stuff is packed into this one makes it worth spending you extra money on.

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@suikoden352 said: @matt_wickstrom: go to that link and then follow the instructions if it says you were accepted into the beta. make sure you are signed in when you check the link.

Thanks. I signed in. Under the announcements tab was a headline stating I've been put into the preview program. Will get on my 360 shortly to see if I get an update to download, then will check things out from there.

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So this is only available with the Xbox dashboard preview? When did the preview open? I signed up, but never recieved an email or any notification of if I got into the preview or not. I'd really like to check this out if possible.

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Thanks for the info man. I didn't think I could get more pumped for ME3, but you've convinced me otherwise.

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I ended up using the code, see how there's not anything special about what it gives you. However, I did at least download the wallpapers. Here they are below. Use them if you'd like!

The size of these wallpapers are 1600x1200