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@AjayRaz said:

huh? maybe it's for something in MW3, because it says this isn't valid.

Just noticed a link in the email I recieved, which takes you to the Xbox Live Rewards site to enter the code.

Try the link. You might have to sign up for the rewards program, but hopefully this provides a way to use the code.

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I got an email today with a special code from being an Xbox Live Rewards member, entitling me to "VIP Exclusives." I don't plan on buying MW3, so I'll post the code below. First come, first serve. I only have one code, so once this one is gone, there's none left (unless someone else has one to give away).

KYCRFJ947RJTGJFK Code has been used. Check below for the disappointing"VIP Exclusives" you get with it.

Good luck! Whoever gets the code, let me know what it unlocks. I may not be getting MW3, but I'm still curious to see exactly what this code will get you.

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I just became a paid member here on GB, and have been using the mobile site quite a bit. My only gripe (so far) is that I can't find a way to easily access my favorite forums. Am I missing something or us this just not a feature on the mobile site? This is something I would like to see added, if possible.

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This is awesome, but it's 3am, and I'm off to bed.

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@Alex_Carrillo said:

So, I was messing around with some of the new cars and discovered this cosmetic upgrade:

This is the dumbest/most amazing thing ever.

This just screams "clunker pushing!"

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@pakx said:

if you go into the marketplace and download the Volkswaggen Sirocco R for free, if will unlock all of the cars for season pass holders.

Turn 10 said that the dlc should be showing up now in the game marketplace, so all should be well.

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Any news you can show/tell us is good news.

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