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@dylangw: I know what you mean about the format. I was subscribed to maybe 5 or so a couple years ago and finally realized they all said the same thing basically. So I cut it down to the Bombcast, Idle Thumbs, and Rebel FM. Though whether I listen to the RFM episode is 50/50. Have you tried to contact RFM about restarting Game Club? Maybe they'll start it up if enough people say they want it back.

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Oh yeah I almost forgot about those days of Rebel FM. Those episodes were great! I really enjoyed the Republic Commando episodes. I hope there is something like them because I would definitely listen to that.

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I'd be down for some coop whenever just shoot me a message on steam. I'm MattadorD on steam.

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I think it is pretty good. The lack of a way to watch the live shows is a bummer, but for watching the archives it is great. I can watch a couple of the live shows using the twitch channel people have mentioned, but I can't watch any of the subscriber streams. So whoever is in charge of the app if you could add that feature I'd be rather grateful.

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What was the episode spoofing? I felt I was this close to figuring out watching it, but just couldn't figure it out. But I have been loving this season so far. I was about ready to stop watching the show last season, but I'm glad I stuck with it because it has been worth it.

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I'll probably pick it up tomorrow in the sale.

PSN ID: MattadorD

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I got a Roku. I cannot put into words how happy I am. I don't have to move my computer every time I want to watch a Giant Bomb video!

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As a Pelicans fan I cannot put into words how much of a bummer it was to see Anthony Davis get hurt. I wasn't really expecting playoffs or anything this season, but just watching him play was so beautiful. I was at the game when he blocked Evan Turner I believe from behind, and amazing clap of his hand on the ball. Incredible!

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Just got this since it was only $5 and I figured I'd get that much enjoyment out of it eventually. But oh man no one is playing this game. It is like it just fell off the face of the Earth.

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So with all versions of Trackmania 2 being on sale I was curious as to the status of the Giantbomb server. If it is still up and running in all its glorious dubstep and crazy car racing glory I might pick one of the versions up. I'm curious though as to what version most people still play on and what version the Giantbomb server is on if it is still up. Thanks duders.