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Posted by MattBodega


Giant Bomb Interns, Matt Kessler and Steve Ramirez play through a list of progressively scarier old games. They started with Luigi's Mansion and worked their way up to scary fare, like Condemned. Join in, leave comments for us!

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Steve http://twitter.com/#!/LemonPuddingPop

Posted by MooseyMcMan


Posted by GentlemanlyGentleman

Huzzah! At last. Please don't leave such a big gap again, you had me worried.

Posted by FateOfNever

Bout time!

Posted by Bumpton


Posted by gamb1t

bout damm time

Posted by DEMONOLOGY_24

and all the children jumped out of their seats for joy
Posted by Venatio

About damn time! Feels like it's been forever since we last saw this awesome feature

Posted by Eaxis


Posted by ProfessorEss

The wait was twice the Fear Gauntlet that the Fear Gauntlet will ever be. 

Posted by Fattony12000

Took you long enough, you utter fucking bastards.

Love you x

Posted by Barrock

Love the videos but you you guys levelate them or something? Sometimes it's really hard to hear so I turn the volume up and then you scream and shout and it blows my ears out. :(

Posted by Creamypies

I was beginning to worry... really thought this series had fallen into the same pit as Betting the Farmville. Glad to see you guys back! No more gaps please!

Posted by wolf_blitzer85

Thank you!

Now don't ever make me fucking wait again.

Posted by MEATBALL

Definitely missed it. Super awesome to have a new one,

Posted by wealllikepie

i think I'm getting a little glossy eyed! thank you guys

Posted by Yummylee

YOU MOTHERFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF-do you realise just how much grief and worry you put us through?! What you put me through?!  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Posted by Zippedbinders

By the by, that whole area where you crawled under the board to next to the subway car, there should be a compartment under the subway car that has a shotgun in it, it was basically a small hidden area.

Posted by Butano

That intro scream completely redeems yourselves for the long wait. Awesome!

Posted by Aetheldod

Why such cruelty by delaying >:3 ? If you get scared is not our fault , dont take it on us :(

Posted by tourgen


Posted by Napalm

Faith has been restored. The Greatest Feature On Giant Bomb (tm).

Posted by Yummylee

Oh nice, looks like you're finally reaching the point that everyone here keeps professing that you need to get to before you end the Condemned segment. I still haven't played any Condemned, so this ''mannequin section'' better live up to the horror-hype. 

Posted by TwoLines

Next episode... Monday-ish? Who knows with Fear Gauntlet!

Posted by deathstriker666


Posted by Romination

Oh my GOOOOD finally. This has been such a great series that I thought you guys were dead from fear.

Posted by Clonedzero

finally! woo!

Posted by Brodehouse

Always be semen.

Posted by NoelVeiga

Ni-ice. I don't even care about Condemned that much, but I really want to get to the real good stuff at the top of the list. Welcome back!

Posted by Green_Incarnate

KESSLER. He came back.

Posted by B_Heart


Posted by Kraank

Awesome! The delay sucked but I'm just glad it's back.

Posted by Ghost_Cat


Posted by DiscoDuck8k

Yes! Next episode should be interesting.

Posted by Cincaid

There's especially one section in the upcoming level that's fucking frightening when you play it alone...

Posted by FengShuiGod


Tell all the non-interns that we said you don't have to do their stuff, you can do this instead.

Posted by Deusx

I'm almost mad about how much it took for you guys to release this. ALMOST. DON'T DO THIS AGAIN.

Posted by obscurefan

Thank goodness. I know you guys are busy, but someone on this site needs to set up a poll asking if we'd rather see more Fear Gauntlet than any other program on here, simply because you guys really need to be getting paid for this series.

Posted by Soapy86

It's great to have the Fear Guantlet back, it has pretty much become my favorite thing on Giant Bomb. You guys are doing really great work, keep it up! :]

Posted by KillyDarko

Next level is awesome, keep playing, keep playing! ;)

Edited by StrikeALight

'Bout time! And so close to the department store!

Posted by AlisterCat

Keep doing these, please.

Posted by countinhallways

Great stuff! These have been fantastic so far, keep 'em coming please.

Posted by 1p

About fuckin' time!

Posted by ervonymous
Posted by Nentisys

Oh yes! Please keep playing Condemned!

Posted by TheDigitalistic

It's back! Hooray!

I was seriously thinking this whole thing had been axed in the face after being tazed.

Posted by RampageAssassin

Loving all these videos guys. Can't wait for more Steve crapping himself :)

Posted by wafflez

was that macho man randy savage around the 24:20 mark?

Posted by probablytuna

FINALLY! Been waiting for this for so long.

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