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Now we're cooking! With a list full of empty spots, the Giant Bomb interns start making the arguments for their own favorite games.

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I want to see Mr. Clean be inside of ....wait...

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@ArmyofDarkness said:

Skyrim's world is too mediocre, even awful at times. Uncharted 3 is good but the shooting is not great. Deus Ex is just ok, & Gears 3 story is a little overrated. I see either Dark Souls, Portal 2, or Gears 3 winning GOTY. [Rayman Origins or Super Mario 3D Land MAYBE!]

You solved it! Now do world peace.

@MattBodega: You are missing out on DX: HR strongest trump card, choices and consequences. Not just by player dialogue decision but by player action, there are a myriad of different outcomes, solutions, routes to take, decisions to make. And they all ripple down the game in various ways and change future situations and how certain things develop/occur. This is especially evident if you do more then one play throughts. It's a player driven RPG in the truest sense.

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@MattBodega: "I think Invisible War is better than the original Deus ex"

Man, matt....


Alright, I ain't gonna be diplomatic about it: YOU SUCK

EDIT: I'd say the gameplay is the best part of Human Revolution. The story raises interesting questions, but doesn't make an attempt at giving you the tools to answer them, most of the "sides" you can pick aren't developed enough. If you think logically, most endings are rather contrived as well(I mean, really? Humanity would abandon technology if the truth got out?).

As a stealth game, I think Deus Ex:HR is really good. It gives you enough toys and options, that you never need to play the waiting game with the AI, and there's constant momentum if you play it how I did-- also, it genuinely allowed for many different playstyles. Better than how Skyrim seems, actually.

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Good discussion, although I'd like more of a debate, counter-points, instead of Daniel and Steve just chilling.

Deus Ex Human Revolution is so much better than Skyrim in the minutia. Better combat, better choices, more rewarding playstyles possible, better story, and I care more about Deus Ex's world because it changes with each mission you do. It's probably the most thought-provoking sci-fi in a game to me, very clever of them to set it in the possible future and go all hard sci-fi with the biotech details (and as a Medical student, it makes me giddy reading those e-books).

And yes, Rayman Origins is badass. Deus Ex and Rayman, all day every day.

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What other publication gives their interns the chance to do their own game of the year podcast. that point to the beach line had me cracking.

soooo.... now i guess i have to go play deus ex.....

lol@ "like people are watching this!". "hahahaha"

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I beat Deus ex: HR and completely forgot that game exists.
not even on the top 10

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It seems like Deus Ex comes up fairly often in GOTY discussions, but no one really wants to go out on a limb and pick it. For me, the game is fun and challenging, with tight controls, fantastic visuals, an engaging story, lots of freedom and great replay value. It might be that the game gets judged slightly more critically because it had to live up to people's memory of the other games in the series

Mr. Clean uses babies for deodorant.

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Disclaimer: I am not judging anyone as a person or trying to be a dick, this is my opinion:

Daniel is incredibly annoying in that "trying way too hard in every way possible" way, in these videos.

Also Matt you're crazy. That said if you played IW before DX then I can maybe see why you'd be crazy like that.

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@super2j said:

What other publication gives their interns the chance to do their own game of the year podcast.

They want them to leave something behind to remember them for after their internship has been ..."terminated".

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Dead space 2