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The Kessler Kam is the only piece of electronic equipment working during the Whiskey Media Summer Blackout 2011.

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'This video is private' - can't watch it.

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Oh so I'm not part of the secret club... ok I get it

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Wow, why is it private?

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@SpacePenguin said:
Wow, why is it private?
I'm guessing he messed up. Anyway... Boooo
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Aww :/

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@SpacePenguin said:
Wow, why is it private?
I think he faked the blackout.
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Edit: There is is.

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madness ensues when everyone is in the dark

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Seems to be a whole lot of eating going on.

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People wandering around the office not doing anything ... looks like a typical day at WM!

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Without technology no one knows what to do.

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Ryan looked kind of creepy just standing still back under the working light in the hall.  I was half expecting him to charge at the camera REC style.

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Jeff is a pretty smart guy

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Jeff is a pretty smart guy

I agree his comment made me die of laughter. I am now ghost Hockeymask27
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Hrmm.... are these *real* power outages? Or ... are these the kind of power outages that the traders for Enron were causing in order to drive up the price of power in California, which eventually led to the election of Arnold Schwartznegger?