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Found at my roommate's workplace. Nobody knows what the hell it is:

The black bit just above the stinger (ovipositor?) are guts. The most exotic location my roommate's workplace receives packages from is Mexico. Found attempting to nest in sheet rock. My guess is some sort of wasp, but I've never seen a wasp this gnarly before.

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Holy Christ, in the two seconds it took for me to click the link for this article from the front page and load this page, something like 30 new comments were posted.

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Gimmick!/Mr. Gimmick is one of those games I wish I heard about a long time ago, but my first exposure was the incredible speed run from Awesome Games Done Quick:

Gimmick is a brutally hard game, maybe even the hardest on the NES, and this guy just manhandles it.

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Cautiously optimistic. I just hope they can expand on existing mechanics in better and more meaningful ways than what they did with that mostly pointless AC WiiU port (which is the only other thing they've worked on besides some F2P Scooby-Doo licensed thing).

To be honest, the 2.5D game from Armature sounds way more intriguing and I don't even own a 3DS or Vita.

Isn't Rocksteady supposed to be working on a Silver Age Batman game?

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I remember when there were rumors of a new Thief game taking place in a modern/near-future setting, but a modern/near-future Thief setting. Like the setting of the earlier games fast-forwarded a few hundred years, so you'd get to see how their weird magic steampunk world would have advanced. That would have been cool.

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I'm still blown away by the 8GB of RAM, and GDDR5 at that. That's an insane leap over the PS3/360.

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@miketakon said:

Word is Yukes has been future endeavored.

"Bloomberg reported that Take Two Interactive will take over THQ's WWE series, the company will develop and publish future WWE titles; previous agreement between THQ and Yukes' will be terminated and Yukes' will no longer be working on the series."

via GAF

Not to steal any thunder, but here's the original Bloomberg article:

This might be the best news I've heard in this whole THQ dissolving thing. Which is actually kind of messed up now that I think about it, that I'm excited for a game because of who isn't working on it.

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'14 will almost certainly be another Yuke's joint. Work on it had probably already started by the time '13 hit shelves because of the annual schedule they've been maintaining, and the games still reliably bring in cash. I just hope that between now and '14's release they shop around for a new developer because goddamn am I sick of Yuke's wrestling games.

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Why hello there, game-I-will-completely-forget-about-until-it-goes-on-Steam-sale-4-months-from-now!