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Thanks everyone! I still have two more copies to give away :D

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Everyone above Zuldim and including Zuldim, just sent out keys to you :D Thanks!

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Hey Duders! This is Matt, giantbomb member and indie dev of Paranormal. Paranormal is a 3D horror experience inspired by the Paranormal Activity movies and Blair Witch Project. You play as a dude with a camera in a haunted house. Every playthrough is different.

I'm giving away 5 Desura copies of Paranormal for those of you kind enough to vote for Paranormal on Steam Greenlight

If I remember correctly, posting links to the game's Desura page (for buying the game) is against the rules, so I'll trust you all know how to Google.

So to be eligible for the giveaway, you must vote on Steam Greenlight for Paranormal, post in the thread, and include your Desura/ModDB/IndieDB/email address in your post. You may also PM me your info if you don't want to post it here.

Here's a little video of my game:

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Thanks! -Matt Cohen

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I'll go ahead and shamelessly plug my own game, Paranormal. It's a 3D haunting experience inspired by the Paranormal Activity movies, found-footage style films. It's randomized, so every playthrough is different. It's $10 on Desura. Also has a Steam Greenlight and Giantbomb page.


Steam Greenlight


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X-Files. No other option is valid when up against this.

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Patrick, look up the game Paranormal. It's a found-footage, Paranormal Activity/Blair Witch style horror game I made. It uses Unreal Engine and has become quite popular on YouTube. Contact me if you need any more details or a copy of the game.

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X-Files season 1-7

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@Dalai: I feel so bad for laughing at that.

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This needs to be fixed. I'm serious, duders.