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I'd be well up for this I reckon! It'll be fun to meet some more GB duders!

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That was totally amazing dude!

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That was really cool dude. RIP Ryan.

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RIP Ryan. You will be sorely missed. My thoughts and prayers go to friends and family

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Hi guys I was looking at all the Mass Effect 3 Citadel DLC chit chat and it reminded me of how awesome the launch trailer for Mass Effect 2 was (before Heart of Courage was really played out):

I don't know about you but a great launch trailer really gets me psyched for a new game. You guys got any favourites that stick out?

P.S The new Tomb Raider trailer is freaking terrible. TERRIBLE.

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It doesn't say premium so I'd assume it will be available to non-subscribers right?

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When my uni work settles down I may have to give this a try. It sounds like a great podcast game as well. DUDE someone should make a bombcast radio station!

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you are totally right! Damn liberals!

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I've been getting this as well from the same sort of time using Chrome as well so maybe that is the issue, but it affects Youtube as well for me as in non site videos using their beta html5 player. Switching back to flash fixed the issue for me on both sites but is not really a long term solution.

EDIT Just noticed that this occurs when I play mp3 files in Chrome as well.

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Alright thanks for the recommendations guys I'll check them out and see what sticks and maybe write about my experience of them