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You will probably need a larger frame with a 'mount'. The mounts are cardboard so come in lots of sizes to fir standard frames.

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I might get shit for saying this but... Man... Dark Souls II. Dark Souls kicked my ass often but I never felt like I didn't earn those beatings. When I got my bearings, figuring out attack patterns/animations, I could take on any enemy or boss. Dark Souls II made me feel so weak and powerless, from the tough beginning to the bitter end. No matter what play style I tried, I got my ass handed to me on a platter, and it often didn't feel like a fair defeat. There are too many instances of multiple enemies ganging up on you, and certain bosses are just too tough to take on alone. Sure, there is an in-game mechanic to deal with tough enemies and bosses, summoning, but needing to use it so often cheapened the overall game experience for me.

Dark Souls remains my favorite of the series, followed by Demon's Souls, with Dark Souls II struggling to keep up at the rear. It pains to me to say so--I really wanted to love this sequel--but there it is...

I can get behind that. Loved the first Dark Souls, felt like every death was my fault and I knew why it happened. I know DS2 can be tamed but it doesn't feel quite as fair. I haven't played Daemon souls so I cant comment on that.

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I think the developers can turn of the DVR at any point during gameplay. Some may not allow you upload cut scenes for example.

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26, living in the UK. I'm a Christian have been since I was 17. I get involved with various levels of youth ministry.

Can't really give you a major but I'm a software engineer for the company that probably made your phone :-)

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I would think that as Phil Fish didn't do the port that it is unlikely that anything new has been added. Be cool if there was something new though.

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I had no idea this was out so soon. How have you found it so far?

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Right now the benefits of digital don't out-way the price difference. In the UK Infamous is £49 on PSN and £42 on Amazon and Walmart (ASDA). I get why, as the bombcast discussed these stores sell the hardware and it's still in Sony and Microsoft's best interest to allow these people to compete but at least have PSN match the cheaper physical prices.

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The first five Harry Potter games were ok.

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Can someone even sell fan art without the permission of the original copy-write holder? Like if I draw a picture of a fake-ass Mario surly I can't make money out of it without informing Nintendo.