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I'll be a tad more cautious about Bannerlord until they announce advance mod tools/the game being as or more moddable than Warband. Also, if they release a multiplayer beta like what they did with Warband awhile back.

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It's one of those times in the year when I just gonna pimp out my favourite game, Mount & Blade Warband + Napoleonic Wars. As usual, either look up on youtube for game for singleplayer/multiplayer or even try the demo. Although this time you can just go for the free weekend until July 13 at 1PM PST. The first time they ever had a free weekend.

Personal suggestion(s):

Just get Warband and Napoleonic.

Fire & Sword is just a subpar Warband single player experience and its multiplayer has already been oust by Warband mods set in that historical setting.

Mount & Blade The First: Outclass by Warband in almost every way, except for a few mods that didn't transfer to Warband.

Also, Warband is now (in beta) supporting Mac, Linux and Steam Workshop. Unfortunately, since the Steam Workshop upload limit for mods is a max of 100mb and most M&B mods are between 200mb to 3gb it might be for bugger all. Hopefully modders could find some way to work around it, but don't count on it. Stick with these if you want to try some mods :,165.0.html &

Youtube examples of mods:

Edit: I am very sorry for the video dump, I can't seem to find a way to put these in spoiler blocks without breaking them.

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Mount & Blade Warband multiplayer longevity was a surprised to even someone like me who was embedded in it for the first few years of its lifespan. Especially with its eff ton of multiplayer mods that split the community into Native, cRPG (persistent stats/weapons Native) , Persistent World/Frontier (a 100-200 player M&B mmo) , Napoleonic Wars (still technically a mod) , The Deluge (17th cen. Eastern Europe) and Vikingr (... Vikings).

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Seeing gameplay and or PC performance analysis for this game convinced me not buy it on release than reviews. Since I have a modest medium range setup. It'll be awhile for me to even reconsider buying watch dogs even if it goes on sale.

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*the mod is planned to be release near the end of this week*

I've been following the development of this WW1 multiplayer mod as of late and it seems to be releasing on Valatine's Day.

Basically a overhaul of Napoleonic with WW1 era weapons & artillery with 2 factions: French Third Republic and German Empire on release.

More info:

Here's a short video from the closed Beta:

Although it looks promising past WW1 games had soured me a tad, e.g.the initially buggy release of The Great War mod for Napoleon Total War and the FPS early access game Verdun.

Another concern is server stability since this mod proposes it still supports the 200 player cap. from Napoleonic Wars.

Other ambitious multiplayer Warband Mods faced server problems in the past. One example would be Bear Force 2, a star wars multiplayer mod,where servers were unable to maintain more than ~90 players. As a result, the mod pretty much died out when the novelty of it wore off.

Will love be found in this battlefield? All that can be done is wait and see.

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Around 2258 hours of Mount&Blade: Warband / Napoleonic Wars / Warband Mods. I believe roughly 2/3 of it was multiplayer.

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Try joining this group, they set up gamenights for specific games pretty often (like yesterday I got a notification for Arma 3).

Let's be honest: it's just Arma and Chivalry.

Yep, last time I checked it was pretty much that. Also "lol", Chivalry, M&B had me first, not that fond of Chiv, but whatever.

Anyways, the IRC channel that was mentioned is pretty much your best bet OP.

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Thanks for the help anyways. Hopefully the ability to create guides will have a finalized answer/solution, in the meantime this gives me time to do a proper write up on line drills/commands and general guidelines from my time in Napoleonic Wars linebattles.

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Just hit the edit button and start writing. It works the same way as the main wiki. It's a wiki, so other users can also contribute to the guide.

A snapshot of my view on "Guide" tab of the wiki page

Is it on the Guide tab? There doesn't seem to appear to be any edit option near the follow option like the main wiki page for me.

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While I was editing the wiki pages for the Mount&Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars wiki page, I thought it would be neat if I wrote a guide for it, but I am not sure how I could implement a guide on the game's guide tab.