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*early apologies for my poor writing

After the high I got from Korrasami died down. I came to realize that this final season had no real overarching tone or message besides the stretched out Korra development. There was little to no inter-connectivity between the protagonist(Korra) and antagonist(Kuvira). I argue that this lack of connection hampered the two plots told in this season. Korra's development; learning to live with her consequences and to learn from her past villains to maintain "Balance", the supposed theme of this final season. While Kuvira secures the Earth Empire and tries to modernize it in a manner similar fashion to Revolutionary & Imperial Era Napoleon. Beloved by her soldiers and abrasive in her negotiations. Note, 1796-1797 Italian Campaigns.

Initially I liked how Korra had to deal with PTSD and struggled with the idea that the avatar is not needed. How it was handled was... clumsy in my eyes. The amount of screentime focus on this was far too much in my opinion. Especially since this season only had 12 real episodes in total. Admittedly, I wouldn't be bothered by this amount if it was justified. Korra struggled to get her answers, but in the end she was given to it by Toph and maybe Zaheer. Like how most people are when given the answers, they don't know the directions to the destination, only its vague location. It didn't seem she process the merits of the goals of her villains. To change what they view is a imbalanced world for the better in an extreme manner.While Korra tries to keep the status quo. Albeit the world changes for the better anyways because the plot demands it. Korra does not present solutions to problems, they fix it themselves without her input. E.g. Republic City having elections, spirit vine problem was solved no problem, Wu deciding the Earth Kingdom to be a republic. In the end, what does Korra herself said she learn? To be more compassionate? That has almost nothing to do with the supposedly theme of this season "Balance". Which almost ruined the finale for me, except that Korrasami swooped in and made me forget about all of this for a week or so.

Korra's crib

Now for our main villain Kuvira, the Korra that might have been... if she was not pseduo-royalty (did you see her big ass palace? wow), knew the hardships of an unequal society, and a out of nowhere fascist. Kuvira is a disappointing villain that should have been a Napoleon, but became a Hitler. Which in itself damage any credibility to statements like "Kuvira is just like Korra" and "You and I are similar". Or much of any real character. Also, when they were focusing on Korra's development why didn't they bridge it with Kuvira's plot by having her see what's life in the empire is really like and what the people want. This would have led Korra to realize that both extremes of Monarchy and Meritocracy/Autocracy are not sustainable for the good of the people. There's not much to say about Kuvira, she was just a Hitler-character that had abandonment issues mentioned in the the finale. That's it. Oh, and her fight scenes are nice. What Kuvira was SAID to be, is essentially Korra from season 2: aggressive, doesn't listen to anyone, does what she thinks is best even if it might not be moral, and etc etc. Kuvira had the makings of this and even has a historical reference in Napoleon who posses these same qualities and had success. Which Kuvira had in spades as well. Unfortunately they threw this all away by throw-away lines like slave camps and prisons "non-Earth Empire citizens". Which we hardly ever see and only used to make her a generic bad guy. The people Varrick and Bolin left could just have been easily renamed as resistance fighters against the Earth Empire for whatever reason, maybe conscription. Kuvira went too far in the deep end of generic bad guy to have the talk between Korra&Kuvira be meaningful. Also the dialogue was bad and/or barely had relation to the initial premises and even what was shown(Kuvira being a fascist).

Alright, this run on far too long and I kinda ran out of steam. The finale is a good romp if you don't think about it too much. Not surprising given the message at the end of the clip show, "Don't think about it too much, it's just a mover". The die is cast,

Whelp this gif didn't work...

TLDR: Season 4 lacked any connection between Korra and her main villain. Finale/Season 4 suffered as a result. Korrasami saved it for a week for me.

P.S. Individually, the episodes of season 4 are good, but when sewn together it's less than the individual parts.

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Here's a video of the closed "alpha"

Edit: Video w/ new save

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@corevi said:

@matthewthebeast: In the Mount and Blade games you are a commander of an army.

Quite right, you can be a commander of an army in M&B. I usually just fight in the arena and be a bandit for awhile then I enlist myself to an AI army via the Freelancer mod if there's too much heat.

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I always find the guns in AC3/4 to be kinda silly because of the absurd short-reload times. Although the fun I get from these period-specific firearms are the pseduo-historical accuracy in terms of tension and atmosphere. So to be fair, it's kinda difficult to have fun as a soldat/fusilier without getting into that re-enacting feeling. So I suspect L'Aigle would be more fun as a commander of a battalion/company/etc. Basically a more intimate Napoleon Total War.

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This looks too beautiful to be mount and blade, can't wait to play it.

Edit: Found a candidate for the next GB book club in those forums.

Goddamn that's fantastic,heh.

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L'aigle is a singleplayer (and maybe multiplayer) mod for Mount & Blade: Warband set during the Napoleonic Era. Specifically 1809, during the War of the Fifth Coalition against the First French Empire. The open "alpha" is set to be on December 31st 2014. After 3 years of mod development it has finally sortof arrived.

Mod info:,195571.0.html

Notes lifted from the mod's thread:

Mod features -

Battle formations, historically accurate uniforms and weapons , detail map of Europe, Naval Battles, Arenas/Tournaments replaced by shooting/fencing/prizefighting, graphical overhauls, artillery system from the Twilight of the Sun King mod.

Factions on release -

French Empire, Austrian Empire, United Kingdom, Russian Empire, Kingdom of Prussia, Confederation of the Rhine, Duchy of Warsaw, Kingdom of Holland, Kingdom of Italy, Kingdom of Naples


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In-game screenshots:

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Yeah, nothing romantic about "a vacation with just two of us", handing hands and glazing into each other's eyes. I do it all the time with everyone, all the time bro.

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I would've voted for Totalbiscuit.. 1-2 months ago. He kinda lost me when he joined the #GamerGate , but dropped the # off just as quickly, but still appealing to that "certain crowd" by his statements. E.g. dismissing that death threat against Anta or whatever her name was doing a talk in a Uni. lecture hall. Also arguing that white privilege isn't a thing by presenting it as just a class struggle and diminishing the nuance that racism plays in dynamics of society and the surrounding institutions. Funny that he uses his experience as a Northerner for his argument, but completely tunnel visioning out institutional racism in some UK police forces and the rise of populist-nationalist parties against dem brownies.

Nevertheless, he is still arguably the best guy to go for PC gaming in youtube. So yeah. C'est la vie.

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Not sure about the " Nobody was really asking for Sega to port Valkyria Chronicles to PC.." bit because I am pretty sure I signed a petition for more PC ports of Sega games a while ago. I mainly signed it for Bayonetta ,but the petition include VC and other games.

I think it was this petition:

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I'm more in-tuned with the Total War youtubers(Diplexheated, PoM and etc). None of those guys haven't made a video, so the same can be said for the Paradox guys. Although, there hasn't been a lot of general website reviews for this game except for the niche ones. Probably gonna wait for a few weeks to see any traction if any.