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Also, I had this territory covered years ago my friend.

Also, no.

This is my fault. Sorry guys.

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@BiffMcBlumpkin said:

Also, I had this territory covered years ago my friend.

Also, no.

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With the music I was absolutely sure that Fotonica game was a Mizuguchi joint. Might give that a go. Loving these features by the way Patrick, you the man.

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Sea urchin. It tasted like someone spat a massive loogie in my mouth.

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I will be supporting Great Britain, since we likely had a large part in developing over 50% of the countries competing. Yes, including you 'muricans.

I'll be in Iceland when the games are on though, so maybe I should jump on that train.

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4 games, 2 soundtracks and a movie for less than £20. I'd say I fared pretty well, having stuck to my limit and not actually bought anything I didn't originally want.

As for what I bought:

  • Dear Esther + Soundtrack
  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent
  • Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale
  • Analogue: A Hate Story + Soundtrack
  • Indie Game: The Movie

Hmm, that's a lot of colons. I got Portal 2 too, but I got it before the sale started for a similar price. Seems like Terraria was a popular one, but I already had that one too.

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I don't... I, er, I can't... uh, who doesn't like Rez?

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I have done in the past, but I've regretted it fairly quickly. Wash yourself afterwards.

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Got mine today too, wasn't expecting it for another month so I was pretty excited. Really good art in here, but I do wish it had more Lilly and especially Emi. Emi-bros for life.

Anyway, very happy with it overall, badges are pretty good too. I'd take some pictures but my camera's awful, sorry duders.

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Is BIT.TRIP games going to be any cheaper? I wanted to get BIT.TRIP Beat for less than 2€ but the 2€ price tag was already a normal price tag before Steam raised the price, and are now lowering it again on the flash deal. Since the flash deal only lasts a couple of hours and I don't know if the game will appear in a Daily Deal, do you think should just get it now?

It's currently £1.74 in the UK, which is the cheapest I've seen any game other than The Binding of Isaac (£0.99). I doubt it's getting cheaper, and it's worth your money at that price.