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Also, I had this territory covered years ago my friend.

Also, no.

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With the music I was absolutely sure that Fotonica game was a Mizuguchi joint. Might give that a go. Loving these features by the way Patrick, you the man.

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Sea urchin. It tasted like someone spat a massive loogie in my mouth.

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I will be supporting Great Britain, since we likely had a large part in developing over 50% of the countries competing. Yes, including you 'muricans.

I'll be in Iceland when the games are on though, so maybe I should jump on that train.

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4 games, 2 soundtracks and a movie for less than £20. I'd say I fared pretty well, having stuck to my limit and not actually bought anything I didn't originally want.

As for what I bought:

  • Dear Esther + Soundtrack
  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent
  • Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale
  • Analogue: A Hate Story + Soundtrack
  • Indie Game: The Movie

Hmm, that's a lot of colons. I got Portal 2 too, but I got it before the sale started for a similar price. Seems like Terraria was a popular one, but I already had that one too.

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I don't... I, er, I can't... uh, who doesn't like Rez?

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I have done in the past, but I've regretted it fairly quickly. Wash yourself afterwards.

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Got mine today too, wasn't expecting it for another month so I was pretty excited. Really good art in here, but I do wish it had more Lilly and especially Emi. Emi-bros for life.

Anyway, very happy with it overall, badges are pretty good too. I'd take some pictures but my camera's awful, sorry duders.

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Is BIT.TRIP games going to be any cheaper? I wanted to get BIT.TRIP Beat for less than 2€ but the 2€ price tag was already a normal price tag before Steam raised the price, and are now lowering it again on the flash deal. Since the flash deal only lasts a couple of hours and I don't know if the game will appear in a Daily Deal, do you think should just get it now?

It's currently £1.74 in the UK, which is the cheapest I've seen any game other than The Binding of Isaac (£0.99). I doubt it's getting cheaper, and it's worth your money at that price.

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I had a part time job while I was at university and I was one of the top in my class, is US university that difficult?

Anyway, I wouldn't feel too bad about it. As long as your parents want you to do well at school, they'll be happy to keep you there. And if it gets difficult towards the end, you could take out a loan. If you're doing this well in your studies you should be able to find a decent job and pay it off. Chin up guy, sounds like you've had it pretty hard, but the results will make it all worthwhile.