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Reminds me of the time we had a load of 800 point cards to giveaway at work, and I stole like 3 of them every time I went in. Good, rule-breaking times.

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So she had another job... and she used the money from that job to travel, because she enjoys travelling?

Unless they're implying she's using the money from her Kickstarter, but I would expect a chunk of that money went towards paying herself a liveable wage while she researches and produces her videos. As long as she delivers the product she said she would, why would you care?

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I don't consider it a disease, but I do believe that people can become dependent on food for happiness/comfort/whatever, and that is something that should be taken seriously.

Treat the cause, not the symptoms as they say.

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@tycobb: Looks like player 2 (or the player you bet on) is the placeholder, it listed Momizi as the winner but Gogeta pulled out the win.

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I saw that fight, fucked me over too.

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I had the same experience, played both games when they first came out and got bored with New Vegas very quickly. I couldn't even tell you what it was, I just wasn't having fun.

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I have to use it a lot for work, so I'm on it pretty much all day. I don't post on my personal account very often though, other than retweets.

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Happy birthday pipe layer

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Microsoft is buying developers with exclusives, Sony is building lasting developer relations. Guess which one will pay off later in the console cycle?

Also, I won't be able to get my Japanese ass shit on the Xbox.