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I usually don't like to bother the games industry personalities I follow on Twitter, I find it a bit stalker-y. After all the stuff that's happened recently though, along with Indie Game: The Movie Special Edition being almost entirely about how they get treated like shit on a daily basis, I think I'm going to take more opportunities to tell these guys I love their work and I'm a huge fan.

Don't let these cunts drive you away from the industry, it's a beautiful thing.

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@evilnights: Change Sheffield to Birmingham, and you've had the same experience as me. Wolverhampton is now dead for nights out, the whole centre is a bit depressing really.

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@omegapirate said:

Right now?

Too fucking hot

Just how hot? We had a mini-heat wave on the East coast a few weeks ago and it was like 97 F (36 C).

How do you, like, do anything. We don't have air conditioning, so we just have to sit this out, our everything sticking to our everything, no one having sex because you'd just slip off of each other. Our only solace?

The Redeemer

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Man, remember when you used to have to wear dress shirts and shoes to nightclubs or you wouldn't get in? It seems weird that that's how it used to work at one point.

The thing is, if you needed to wear dress shirts and shoes to get into a place, you knew it was going to be full of dickheads like that, just dressed up. Makes it easy to know which places to avoid.

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Take your fucking men's rights bullshit, and fuck off. You will never have a good point to make.

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The lore is great, and worth looking into. Rather than reading the books in game though, which could be a chore, I'd recommend using a website like The Imperial Library.

They have all the books on there, but they also have their own history and lore summaries written in an encyclopaedic style. Well worth your time if you're interested.

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Have game developers taken back that stuff they said publicly and on the record about how much they hate working with Microsoft? If not, then I'm still out. From all accounts the entire organisation is one big clusterfuck, and I'd like to get out now while I have the chance.

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I had this problem for 2 years after getting my marketing degree. Applying for several jobs a day, daily rejections - I was about to see a doctor for depression when out of the blue I got a temp job working in legal (not related to my degree at all). While I was doing that, my aunt found me a part time job tangentially related to marketing, and now a year and a half later, I'm a full time digital marketing consultant with that same company.

You need a little bit of luck, and you're going to have to work hard. I was working 3 jobs at the same time for about 3 months, and I volunteered with 4 different charities doing different things. It all paid off in the end, with a nice job, a house, and a family. Keep your head up.

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Only System Shock 2 so far, waiting for flash sales or something on Rogue Legacy. Then beyond that I'll probably pick up Cart Life and Postal 2 (played a lot as a teenager, so has some nostalgia for me).

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I wear socks and shoes around the house, it pisses my girlfriend off. I can't have bare feet, my feet get really sore. I have bare feet and flip flops at the moment, but that's only because it's infinity fucking degrees in the UK right now.