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mattjam30000 lvl22, looking for people to do tough vanguard missions and weekly missions with. Not interested in the pvp

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@diz: Wow thanks again Diz. Honestly I never played on a Time Crisis one machine that looked like that so building one is going to be a fun, interesting experience! I will do my best not to buy too big a TV! I dont think the one I will make will have anywhere near as fancy a front end to it as the one in the picture. I am still struggling to suss the dimensions out. How much space do you think there is between standing position of the operator and the screen itself, how recessed into the machine is it. Also is that a separate piece of glass at the front of the machine? Would that not mess with the Gun calibration?

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@diz: Yeah I think I will stick with CRT and PS1, like you say I have the gun and I know it works, I can also buy a few different guns with pedals to find one I like. Is 26 big enough for a shooter arcade game? I really have nor reference for this as I only remember playing it on the huge 2 player ones in arcades, and cannot remember the size of the screen we had at home!

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@diz: Hi Diz, thanks again for the fantastic reply. Ok I will pass on the huge screen for sure! The LCD emulation is not something I have looked into, how exactly would the lightguns work with a setup like that?

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@diz: What size do you think the CRT should be, screen size not including bezzle. I am guessing it needs to be 4:3. I was looking at 51inch but I think that's too big and I have a feeling its 100hz. Was trying to find the original spec for the screen but couldn't find that info

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@diz: Thanks for the nice detailed reply. You are right, thinking all this through is a little daunting! Finding the right tv is my main priority right now. I am going to start calling charity shops and local dumps to see if they have anything. The reason I would want to leave the tv as is, is like you say they can kill you if you touch the wrong part. As much as I want to do this project, I dont think im willing to mess around with an open crt and end up killing myself. Hopefully I can find a TV with not too much bezzle. As with the Ir sensor and speakers, because im designing the "shell" myself, i can make a hole for the Ir sensor at the least, not sure about speakers that depends on location on tv. I am definitely keen to get started but until I find a decent TV I cant really make any plans for the case itself

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@thephantomnaut: Looks like the guncon was an american peripheral, the only link I found was so that sucks.

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@diz: Thanks for the replies everyone! I have a few questions for Diz.

The reason I say CRT is that I dont think the lightgun for the playstation works with an LED tv as I cannot get it to work on any TV in my house. I understand that voltages are a danger, but I was going to leave the screen as a full TV unit and not mess around with it, just leave it as a TV and build the cabinet around it.

@thephantomnaut : I would love to get the peddles and that, but I dont think they would work with a standard PS1 would they?

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Hi everyone

Today I could do with your help. I have finally found a stable career with a decent salary and I am looking to do something fun with my evenings. I have always loved Time Crisis 1, it was all me and my brother played on our PlayStation with the official Konami light gun. I would love to have that nostalgia back and thought I would do it in the best way possible, by owning the arcade cabinet! Much to my dismay, they are like 2 grand here in the UK and finding a Time Crisis 1 machine seems pretty hard.

So I decided I will make one myself as a fun project! I have done 0 woodwork since I was 14, and could really use your help guys! I will pretty much be making a playstation arcade cabinet, as it will just be a big ol CRT in a home made arcade case with a playstation inside it. I still have my original PS1 and Time Crisis + gun, but I might buy another gun or 2 if they are cheap as mine is probably on its last legs.

So this is where I need help please!

  • I know 0 about CRT's, what is good, what is bad, what size should I be making this thing, will it work with the lightgun, I guess it needs to be 4:3 etc. Any help here would be massively appreciated.
  • Designing the cabinet itself once a suitable screen has been found. Should I do it on graph paper, should I find some free basic software, or should I find someone online willing to draw up some plans.
  • What wood would I need to use, what tools would I need etc.
  • Budget. Can I realistically do this for around 200 pounds?

Thanks for any help guys. If I get the project off the ground I will do a recurring blog post to let you know how many fingers I have lost.



Lightgun - So thanks to some info from Phanto I have found a few decent lightguns with pedals on ebay. I am not decided on which to get as they all look a bit lame. I own the namco branded grey gun and love it, the ones with pedals all seem a bit cheap looking.

TV- I have found a 51inch CRT on ebay for 50 quid that I can collect from near(ish) me. I am waiting to hear back from the seller on the refresh rate of the TV as I have read that rear projection CRTs only work with 50Hz, not 100Hz.

Materials - Thanks to diz I have some idea of the material provided, I have not looked into the cost of materials yet as this will likely be the stumbling block that will at least slow down production!

Any help is always appreciated. Thanks guys