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Cool, definitely seems like the right guy for the job. I mean of course behind J Allard, but he's back on his home planet now.

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Very weird, but kind of interesting at the same time. The initial reaction that Facebook will make Occulus worse has no real logic to it. Maybe it will make Facebook get into actual quality games and give Occulus more funding to improve the tech. (Maybe)

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I never follow message boards or twitter, so all of my opinion of Phil Fish is from Indie Game: The Movie. That being said he was bay far the favorite part of that movie, everything he said came off as totally reasonable for a guy making a huge game by himself. He made a great game, 99.99% of the people attacking him will never have the intellectual capability or work ethic to do so. I never got why anyone wouldn't like him.

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Like so many others I have been here since the GameSpot days, heck I have been listening to Ryan and the guys from Jr. high up through college. So I guess all I can say is thank you for the countless joy you have given us over the years. All my condolences go out to Ryan's family, friends and the Giant Bomb crew.

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I know im in the minority here on this site, but I play a ton of violent video games and I think it's obvious there is a correlation between the two. Im not saying video games are worse then movies or music or just looking a violent images online but I don't see how anyone could say that a kid consuming a lot of violent media has no effect on them.

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@Zuldim: That one would be fair assuming they didn't handle the reimbursement properly, but I don't think this would help those company's in a situation like that.

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Darn it! I guess I'll call my lawyer and cancel my lawsuit.

What would anybody possibly sue a game company for anyway? Just don't buy a game if it doesn't meet whatever made up legal stuff you think it should.

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wow that's crazy I assumed that it would just be free to patch stuff considering that they aren't putting development time into it and are collecting money on the sales. But hey say what you will Microsoft dose have pretty good standards for the stuff that goes down on Xbox live.

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I can't understand how anyone would not be stoked for this. Fassbender is awesome and assassin's creed is a cool premise. Also a big step forward for the future of video game movies.

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I just finished it and I liked it even if i would have liked more resolution to the side characters. I liked all the story concepts they laid out at the end and that they weren't afraid to make a real ending on a galactic and timeless scale which the games have all talked about being bigger then just their own lives or even species and time, even if the text at the end was kind of gross for the dlc. I think that last mission was very well done and i like that they had a balls to go for an imperfect end to the universe, even if it did backfire on them.