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Just got into Warframe and really digging it! Sent a message to Refactored to see if there's space in the clan. In the meantime, my PSN is The_Matty_What if anyone wants to get their Warframe on. I've kind of hit a wall at the start of the Archwing quest so definitely looking for some folks who can cover up my lack of skill at this game.

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Ryan was pretty much the funniest and coolest dude on the internet. I will miss his presence so much I can't even process this. The Bombcast is the highlight of my week, and not hearing his voice on it is something that I don't know if I can deal with.

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Added you all. My code is 0047 2074 3645

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XBL: MattyWhat

I don't get to play nearly as much as I'd like, but I think I'd play better if I had some peeps to play with.

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@Bruce said:
" This news would be bigger if this were DLC for regular Rock Band 2...  Is this Harmonix's new trend? Making us buy whole new games in order to get "Classic" DLC? "
I'm sure the lack of RB2 Compatibility is part of the licensing agreement. Apple are extremely careful about what they do with the Beatles music after all. I mean, We're only just getting the big box release of The back catalogue. fully remastered job, and it's 2009 and CD's are a dying format! Yeah, Apple are cautious about the Beatles music to the point of being late to the game with a remastered CD release. So It's no surprise if one of the terms of the agreement for The Beatles: Rock Band was that it couldn't be used for Regular Rock Band. I guess they don't want to 'dilute' the Beatles Brand or somethin...
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Free Download? Yes please, I've paid for the other four...
In over 100 hours though, I've never found the crashed spaceship...