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"Keep your phone handy?" Aside from that being an odd way to phrase "check your email," these invitations don't suddenly expire, do they? And if the beta itself hasn't launched yet, why should it matter how quickly you accept the invite? That said, I am hopeful this service turns out to be an OK way to play games, if only to preserve old games' playability in the future.

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The oldest video of Drew I remember is the Coke Chug Challenge. (edit: Just looked. Drew makes a cameo appearance in this behind the scenes video before then.) As for Patrick, he was on the GDC podcast the year he started, but I think Twitch ate the archive. He would have just been sitting at a table in the bar anyway.

He won't find any footage in a Quick Look but you could in a live show (TNT, Happy Hour, etc).

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I'd like to be given the choice of activating the game on my Steam account or putting it in my inventory so I can gift it to someone. That would still stop resellers and solve everyone's problems, wouldn't it?

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Two for the crowd:

Both valid until November 16th. PM me here on the site if you want them.

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I felt like I knew him personally and this hit me as hard as if I did. No matter how terrible and low I feel right now, it's nothing compared to the sheer joy I got from him through the years.

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Did I miss the first part of this article that informs the reader of what the heck BioForge is? The unnamed author even states it is "all but forgotten today" but there isn't an actual introduction to tell people what the game is.

Looking briefly at Edge's other Making Ofs, it seems they don't suffer this flaw. Did the writer assume reader's will have seen content of it from "other" websites?

I say: don't worry Patrick, there is still room to get an actual in-depth interview feature on this game.

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I have Firefox's click_to_play enabled. Flash ads don't show up automatically but text and image based ones do.

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Ryan is participating in a wing eating contest.