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Basically Howard Stern is upset that radio is a dying medium, satellite radio isn't working out at all, and he's trying to get people's attention by trolling a medium that still makes money.

So who cares, let old man Stern rant about "these damn kids today" and rattle his cane about so hard his wig falls off.

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I don't care if there's ads.
I don't have a smartphone.
The quality of the video is already fine. I don't come to this site to see everybody's past facial blemishes and weird hand abrasions.
It's financially irresponsible for me right now o pay for one of roughly a dozen quality gaming podcasts.

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@Abyssfull said:
" I think that this friend of yours is actually just another side of you you can't bare to face. FACE YOUR SHADOW!!! "
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Realize I'm in Oldboy. Start a fight in a narrow hallway.

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Hank Schrader.

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