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What do you think the best games for offline multiplayer (with bots) are? They are mostly a thing of the past, but some modern games such as Killzone 3, Red Orchestra 2, and Black Ops provide offline multiplayer support.

I personally think Section 8: Prejudice has the best offline action. The bot AI is surprisingly intelligent, and they are a challenge to play against, but not unfairly so. The bots are especially smart in game modes where areas must be defended, as they really dig in and provide a difficult challenge. Killzone 3 offline is also fun, but the bot AI isn't the greatest. Games like Counter Strike: GO also have decent offline modes, although the bots unfairly get headshots the majority of the time, making the matches sometimes unfun. Your thoughts?

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I recently bought a PS vita, and was looking at getting a new game to play. I am torn between this and rayman origins (if you have played both, please give your opinion on the matter), and I was wondering is it is any good on vita. The graphics seem quite dated (at least compared to other vita games), but I enjoyed MGS4 and I hear peacewalker is a very good game. Please give me your input. Thanks.

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Yes, I'm just debating whether or not to hold off. I'm currently replaying ME2 however, to make sure I'm happy with my decesions. I guess I kinda made up my decesion already, just wan't conscious of it.

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Thank you for your honest opinion. I had a feeling that SWTOR might get a bit repetitive after a while, although the star wars universe helps. Edit: Also, I've played first two ME games and I want to see how it ends.

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I apologize beforehand if this is in the wrong forum category. I am new to forums, and do not mean to offend anyone. Now that I got that out of the way, I could really use your help. I am a big fan of Bioware and their games, and I'm debating whether or not the get Mass Effect 3 or SWTOR. I have never tried mmo's, so saying that SWTOR is too similar to WoW will have no affect on me. I played the Mass Effect 3 demo and really enjoyed it, but I'm a bit worried about the story. I'm sure Bioware will pull through however (they always do). I am a big fan of singleplayer experiences, but from what I hear, SWTOR is a singleplayer game with mmo elements tacked on. Both games look very good, and I will likely end up playing both, but for now, I cannot decide. Please state your opinions on the two games. Thank you.