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I'll be free after Ron Gilbert's panel (finishing at 8:30pm)

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Gamertag: t4z0

Timezone: Gold Coast, Australia (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

Launch games: Forza Motorsport 5, Killer Instinct, Battlefield 4, Assassin's Creed IV, NFS: Rivals, etc.

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@thefridge: Cool, another Gold Coaster. Hi!

@gutterkisser: Have you got Facebook too? Trying to collect people like Pokemon. Also what was the name of the nice fellow we shared the cab with? (I told you all I'm terrible with names...)

I guess I should've added my gaming names. mattwestcott on Steam and PSN (SEN?) and t4z0 on XBL.

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I feel like I should move to Melbourne, if only to catch up with you guys some more. Melbourne gets more and more awesome each time I go. Why have I been living on the Gold Coast for so long?

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Does anyone else have some more photos to show? This was taken on my iPhone and uploaded to Twitter, but I'll upload some from my Canon when I can!

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Thanks again for organising it, had a great time and drank a bit too much. Had trouble waking up the next day. I don't know if it's possible to tag people in this photo, but I'm the guy with a drink in my mouth behind 'Jenova Chen' (in the Fuck Ryan Davis shirt). Wish I'd taken some people's contact details while I was there, but you can find my details here. Or if you just want my Facebook or Twitter, you can click on those. Hope to catch up with you all again sometime soon, otherwise see you next year!

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We need to add some Facebook profiles or Twitter accounts here, did anyone else end up going out this evening? Was hoping to spot a few of you around town!

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It was nice to meet you all last night! I'm going out tonight as well to see Jeff Cannata. Find my contact details here:

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I'll definitely be there, wherever we're meeting. I messaged Guy 'Yug' Blomberg (organiser for PAX Aus, and he's also a Facebook 'friend') asking what was happening with the space and whether he knew if Jeff was still coming. Haven't heard back, but I should probably leave the planning to @hellerphant. I mentioned to Yug that the space could be used as a place for people to pay their respects (if Jeff wasn't coming), maybe have some Summerjams playing and a slideshow of Ryan and maybe people can leave notes or whatever. But if that idea doesn't sound too good then I'm happy with just drinking the sadness away with the rest of you! Keep us in the loop, I'm following @hellerphant on Twitter but hopefully Jeff will retweet any plans to everyone else, too.

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Justin McElroy's signature, second from the left (under "rails").