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I may be because I'm a Sunderland supporter, but at this point Newcastle have to be favourites to go down, right? Most of the teams around them are in form. Sunderland is the only shaky one, and I think we'll get one win from our remaining games and I can't see Newcastle getting any points at all.

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This entire thing seems to really close to copyright infringement. I like the idea of the team behind Banjo developing a platformer with some of the same design sensibilities, but this seems to just go a little too far. Like, the characters are two animals, one riding the others back. They're named after a musical instrument. The font looks identical. Everything just screams Banjo Kazooie.

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1. The RSS feed you should be able to plug straight into most podcast apps is It'll prompt you for your username and password. If your podcast app doesn't support you entering your username and password like that, you should be able to add the feed as

2. I don't know if the video player works on console web-browsers, but it's worth a try. Otherwise you could download the video and then play it on a device that supports MP4's (again, I'm not sure if the recent consoles do this or not).

3. Try logging out and logging back in, that should solve that issue.

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I wonder what Nintendo is going to do. That's their timeslot. They always did their press conference then, and since they killed off their press conference they've done the Nintendo Direct in that timeslot. Square doing a conference then is a significant clash.

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Good luck with your book, but self-promotion and advertising is against our rules. It's cool that you've named a character after Jeff, but this sort of thing still isn't allowed.

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I like that they're pushing Skyrim as the game for this stuff. Someone's going to make horse armour and sell it for $2 as a joke, and people will buy it as a joke. That guy will make a fortune.

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I still have Windows Vista. Yes, Windows fucking Vista. I'm kinda annoyed that Microsoft are upgrading 7 and 8 (both perfectly functional operating systems) to 10 for free, but they won't throw me a bone and let me get rid of this travesty of software engineering that has been a blight upon my laptop for far too long.

I just built a new PC and I have 8.1 on that, but I still use my laptop for a lot of stuff (my PC is primarily for gaming and is hooked up to a TV, I still use my laptop for most web browsing and stuff like that).