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Lets try to avoid using insulting language to describe staff members. Or anyone, for that matter. Lets just all be nice to one another and avoid calling other people names.

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@james_hayward: Nah, I live up in Sunderland. I have family who live just outside London and I visit them 3 or 4 times a year, but the rest of the time I'm 300 miles away.

I am planning on going to EGX Rezzed in March (by total coincidence I was already planning on coming down to see the family that weekend. So now I'm just going to spend most of my time at a gaming convention instead of with them) so if you plan a meetup that weekend, that would be cool.

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@james_hayward: Yeah, it was really interesting. I also went to Rami's Q&A at the Go-8bit stage at the front of the hall. I love hearing game developers talk passionately about their games. I went to a couple of other developer sessions - Heat Signiture by Tom Francis and Volume by Mike Bithell. Those were both great too.

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I saw Rami Ismail give a talk on Nuclear Throne which was a pleasure

Were you the guy in the shirt who commented on my throwback BOMB shirt in the theatre for that talk?

To be honest, as much fun as a meet up would have been, by the end of Saturday at EGX I was just so exhausted from being on my feet pretty much all day for two days straight. I just wanted to sleep. I'd have still gone to the meetup if it was on and I'm sure it would have been great, but man, that sleep was great too.

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It's bit of a bummer it isn't going ahead as planned, but if any Giant Bomb duders want total meet up after EGX and make our way through to that Wild Rumpus thing, that seems like a great alternative plan.

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@stubstub said:

Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America by Jeff Ryan is a good one. I've listened to the Audible version of it a couple of times.

Yeah, I'd recommend this one too. There's a couple of typo's which can be confusing (which may have been corrected in later editions) but on the whole it's a really interesting look at the history of Nintendo.

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If I remember correctly they don't have the setup to capture Vita games and it's not a Playstation TV/Vita TV game.

Jeff has that Vita with video out. It's not the best solution, but I wish they would do more with it.

It's a Vita TV and has 2 limitations on it.

1. Can only play Japanese games.

2. Can't play any games that rely on touch controls or the camera.

No, I meant Jeff has an original Vita with video output modded in (like this one) that he got from Japan. I think they recorded a quick look with it and he used it on a UPF, but they haven't touched it since.

The video quality on that thing is poor so they won't use it to capture footage for quick looks. They did one or two then gave up trying to get good quality video out of that thing.

The Vita TV comes out in the US next month. When that happens, they'll be able to capture decent quality Vita footage. The only downside being that games that rely on the touch screen, rear touch or the cameras won't work.

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I was going to play MGS before I watched Drew play it, but I spent 10 minutes with it and it controlled horribly. It's definitely very dated. So I decided against that plan and watched the Scanlon version instead.

Once I've watched Drew play MGS1, I think I'll play though the rest of the main series myself, but I just couldn't bring myself to play the first one.

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That Notch tweet from nearly two years ago is fantastic. I'm sure he was being totally sarcastic and non-serious when he said it, it's just totally bizarre that it has actually went down like that.

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The issue with a block feature is two fold. Firstly it means that rather than reporting disruptive behaviour to us, people will just block users and then not see anything they post. If people don't report disruptive behaviour to us, we can't deal with it. If we don't deal with it, the forums go downhill. You may not be able to see that because you've blocked everyone acting like an asshat, but they're there and they're ruining the experience for newer users who haven't blocked people.

Secondly, it leads to disjointed conversations. If someone replies to a guy you've blocked, you've missed half the conversation, which isn't a great forum experience. It can also lead to unnecessary repetition, since someone you've blocked might have already made a point that you're making. A block function just doesn't particularly suit a linear forum like this, it is far more suited to a threaded layout.