All the games I have ever played.

This is my crazy and insane attempt to document every single game I have ever played. I've not necessarily completed these games, or even played very much of some of them, but I have played all of them a bit.
The list isn't complete (and will probably never be complete), but it's a start at least. They are in alphabetical order.

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Good luck on this "quest" of yours. I stopped on the games I own now, and doubt I'll ever bother trying to record all the software I ever touched.  
That particular list did go pretty well for me, however. Almost at the 300 mark. I'll have to make 300 special.

Posted by dankempster

A fellow discounter of "the" when alphabetizing. I like you, sir. 
On-topic, that's some list. I don't think my memory is up to scratch to attempt a similar feat.

Posted by Mriceguy
Posted by stephenage

I think you should make a list of all the games you have never played. That would be impressive if you could do it.

Posted by SpawnMan

Dude seriously, that is a lot of games! Thanks a bunch though - I was compiling my own list ( and somehow managed to stumble across yours in the process! Surprisingly we actually share more than a few games and your list really helped jog my memory into remembering the ones I'd missed out from my childhood. 
Come check out my one and tell me if it's any good or not. I'm still working through it, but I'm trying to write a little bit for each one...

Posted by habster3

That's a LOT of games...

Posted by Slither_Maggot

I hate trying to alphabetize lists like this. Kudos and good list! Cheers mate!

Posted by kichiku_rose

Borderlands was my 1st platinum. a friend said they were making a second one. but i have no idea. should be good if they do

Posted by darthlefein

Wow, I probably own 545 games! Back when there was Mr. Movies, I used to play N64 titles like Crusin World, Madden 08, Bomberman World, 1080 degree snowboarding, San Fransisco Rush.