Jumping on the GOTY bandwagon: My favourite games of 2013

Work in progress.

As normal, I missed out on a bunch of releases this year that I'm sure would have made the list had I played them. I got a PS3 this year and spent half of the year catching up on older PS3 exclusives that I missed the first time round, and forwent playing a bunch of more recent releases as a result. But here are my favourite games of 2013:

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Posted by altairre

I see Rayman Legends. This list is alright.

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I need to play more of Monaco I just needed to play with more people I know rather than just random people. It always felt like a Benny Hill skit whenever playing that game.

Posted by Fredchuckdave

Yay Rogue Legacy.

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Congrats on choosing FIFA 14--on PS3? Next-gen it looks/plays even greater, I have to say, though.

Posted by RecSpec

Dust is so great.

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Posted by Storms

You missed the single best game of all time.

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Didn't play Bioshock Infinite?

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