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Posted by mattysen

I am not to sure how infamus he is around Giant Bomb but read this and you will not be displeased. Here's another I do believe this masterpiece  is called "This Game"
Also you can check out his Giant Bomb profile, and read the rest of his posts and fantastic reviews. 
For the people who did not enjoy this blog please click here.

Posted by KaosAngel

How much did shawnj13 pay you to write this?

Posted by JJOR64
@mattysen: Did you really need to post this?
Posted by Snail
@KaosAngel: I think he is being sarcastic. Probably something that originated on the IRC.
Posted by mattysen

Oh god I wasnt serious! If people will think this, I'm a monster...

Posted by Bucketdeth

He will be a legend, I can feel it, quote me, he is the chosen one.....
He is the hero of Giantbomb.
Posted by atomic_dumpling

He's probably really just 13 years old so cut him some slack.

Posted by Gunner612

Whats the point of all of this?

Posted by MB

Not cool, dude.