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Ah shit...

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On Sight is a cracking opener inducting the new Kanye, so it gets my vote, its just way too raw between the indie acid house beat and the explicit lyrics.

I Am God, Blood on the leaves, and Hold My Liquor take hip hop in a similar new exciting direction. New Slaves is the obvious single, sounding like Mercy and Clique before it but with better storytelling.

The rest are also strong songs that hold their own, however Guilt Trip is a completely unnecessary come-down proving Yeezy ain't God and a perfect example of autotune gone wrong.

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@EquitasInvictus said:

I actually came to a similar realization a while back that I was "suffering" from watching a lot more video games via quick looks and Giant Bomb content than I was actually playing any, but then I convinced myself that there would be games I'd never have the energy or interest to go through myself, and Giant Bomb was a medium for me to e able to get maximum enjoyment without wasting my own time and money for the most part.

Occasionally they'd cover something really good that I'd be compelled to buy myself, but most of the time they've done a good job making games entertaining that I would never have touched otherwise and still won't touch in spite of being entertained by them playing said games.

Thats a pretty valid theory to be fair. You get so much variety and you can get a really good sense of how good the game is from the reactions and how long they spend playing it.

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Recently in scout of a quick look I haven't seen before; scrolling back pages of videos I've all seen I had a thought of-- 'how much time has been spend on GB watching quick looks or other similar material'-- so I worked it out roughly right:

1226 (quick look videos on GB) x 20 (aprox minutes of average quick look)=

25320 (minutes) / 60 (hours)=

422 (hours spend watching GB quick looks alone).

So going off the assumption that I've seen all of them combined with media from all other gaming sites I've seen (IGN, Gamespot [back in the day], GameTrailers) makes me actually think I may of watched more game coverage than I've actually ever spend playing games (with my top 3 most played games ever only clocking in 100hr in the game system settings).

Is it really a hobby to consider watching people play video games? Do we live as a generation that has devolved and become so lethargic that video games that already are so unproductive should be spectated? Who is Batman?

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Looking good dudes, ya'have put me down as sound design but I don't know how useful I can be with something with coding since I don't really have a clue how to marry the two together. I'm up for contributing lots to the audio side, whether it be composing, remixing, mastering ect. though.

I was just wondering how strict you wanna keep everyone to their designated positions because I would like to post ideas in other forums like graphics and story ideas, und stuffs?

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What your talking about isn't really dubstep, its what its become really, all that really remains from the initial dubstep is the drum algorithm for the genre. Its like how UK garage ended up sounding like T2 - Heartbroken. I find it way over produced, using the same stupid presets with massive virtual synth in every track. The older stuff with benga and skream and stuff is really cool to jam to though

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I played Fallout 3 for like 100 hours with all the DLC, loved the wasteland, was super excited for New Vegas then totally got let down. Just couldn't get myself into the swing of it, felt like I was doing all the parts of 3 that I didn't enjoy like. I think Fallout takes fucking ages to find your bearings with I think either or are pretty much the same game give or take some minor differences such as settings, style of writing ect. however the one you find superior will have been the one that you managed to sus out

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@Scooper: Sounds like good patter :P

@Little_Socrates: It's not particularly sunny this summer in England like so its like winter all year round

@GeekDown: Thanks duder! Happy about that

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@Ghost_Cat: Thanks bro will do

@Scooper: Thanks bro, big fan of guitar based music

@Canteu: I personally think trying to decode the mess in your own head is how this kinda music is good in my opinion. Cheers for the listen though

@CosmicBatman: Thanks dude, I'll keep at it!

@csl316: @csl316: Yeah thats what I went for with this experimental stuff, like I was getting sick of how strict the 16 bars of one thing then 16 bars of the next so I just sacked that off and went with how I was feeling

@SSully: Fair enough pal thanks for the listen anyway

@mrfizzy: Cheers bra appreciate the support

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@IkariNoTekken: Cheers man really appreciate it! Chuffed that someone has downloaded it and listens to it!

@Dixego: Cheers duder, used a combo of Ableton Live and NI's Maschine. Lot of bouncing out audio loops, reversing them, slowing them down and up, repitching that kinda thing

@laserbolts: It's not really something to listen intently to, more like sit back and chill vibe glad you gave them a go though

@ImmortalSaiyan: Thanks will do

@DefAde: Haha thanks dude

@Ezekeilpurger: Massive fan of Burial! And I'll deffs give it a listen

@RollingZeppelin: Thanks dude! Good argument too, to the pretentious remark. I love finding new ways to provoke emotions through music

@thomasnash: Yeah love Mount Kimbie definitely that kinda vibe. Thanks for the listen

@TheDudeOfGaming: Cheers duder, way to be

@theANCIENTgray: Thanks for the listen anyway pal

@Xymox: Yeh dude cheers. Wasn't going for any particular scene or genre, just hoy'ed some chords and beats together and see what felt right. It's really hard to get that stuff sounding crispy smooth from a sound engineering point of view lotta analog kit like guitars and I don't have money for preamps and channel strips and stuff sooo just tried my best with vst's and stuff

@TaliciaDragonsong: Cheers dude will do!

@Loafsmooch: Thanks bro I'll give it a listen