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@nail1080 said:
" @WilliamRLBaker said:
" @nail1080 said:
" wow biggest waste of time ever, give me my 30 secs back "
24 seconds to be exact so you dont get your 30 seconds back. "
nope 30 secs my internet is shit and it took me 6 secs to load up the page and buffer the vid, HA! "
Well if that's how the internet works, I want the 10 seconds back of my life from your dumb ass statements in this forum. 
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@Video_Game_King: How the hell can you hate Devil Survivor!?  
Anyway....I think this is covers all 5 slots.. 

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Meh; tis only the punk rock

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Making a logical decision like saying Gears of War, Killzone 2 and Mario are good games is not fanboyism. And saying something logical on particular company like Halo ODST and Mass Effect are good games isn't fanboyism. Or even saying I prefer the PS3 over the 360 isn't fanboyism. It's when you take it to far, start sucking the cock (hence the term fanboy) without much reason I.E saying "Why waste your time with a 360, just get a PS3, there soo much better" or "Mass Effect 2 will kill PS3". Finally incase one of the Youtube crew has hustled their way onto Giantbomb: Owning all the consoles does not make your judgement better to anyone else's and/or immune to cock sucking  

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Short-but-sweet. I was looking for some Christmas deals on and found myself looking for a new jacket for something or another. To realise that there is gold entertainment to be had here. Just hit up this link and play the video under "Special Feature".  
Spunkboy out

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I haven't played many of the classics but, just to be different I'll throw this curve ball. 
1 Final Fantasy III  
2 Fallout 3 
3 Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time  
4 Devil Survivor  
5 ...Hello Kitty Island 

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I was in a catholic school once. That's right, an English catholic school. They didn't have many boys and I think I was the only one there to have some form of contact to the world, so I grew my hair pretty long. They didn't actually care, even though they had a policy against girl's having long fringes. But then I moved school since it closed down and I got a letter from this new one saying I'll be suspended if I don't shave! All I had was some stubble  
Oh...The kid....Well, he probably doesn't even understand or care that much, it's more of a fight between the parents and the faculty 

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Nickelodeon had more of a femme and tween thing going on, with things like "Saved by the bell" and "The Amanda Show". Growing up as a kid I gotta say Cartoon Network, they had shit like Dragon Ball Z, Johnny Bravo and Courage the Cowardly Dog

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None, I'd rather have my ass as a logo than any. 

  • The Wii reminds me of the Pixar logo with the bending "I"s. They remind me that half the population of Wii games the shit infested mini games appealing to kids who can't read the not actual gameplay on the shitty advert.
  • The PS3 is the straight fucking Spiderman logo. Reminding you of Sony's too cool style
  • And the 360 reminds me of a jacket potato.....Of money