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STILL haven't really found anything, does any one know if the bards tale port is worth it?

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*Also I'm completely JPRG'ed out as of now so there isn't any point on investing in any of Squares titles for me at the minute...Just sick to death of that particular genre

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I decided to go for Infinity Blade 2 since I enjoyed the first one and yes it is overrated to fuck but there was enough depth and shit going on to keep me interested till I completed it. Still baffles me how IGN claims its perfect when Chair have pretty much just modded that Epic Citadel tech demo abit and reused models from Shadow Complex not once but twice now.

It was pretty meh throughout, although not mind blowing or innovitive in the slightest I found it intresting to playthrough therefore worth the bucks? Subjective, anyway I downloaded Monkey Island SE and Ghost Trick but overall after scouting the app store for days now I don't think I'll find much of a mind blowing gaming experience of twists and turns on the iOS just yet....SS:EP is probably the only thing I've been like "this is ruddy cool" (apart from Zenonia like 3 years ago) but can't really get myself in the mindset to play it with the melodic pacing and all.

Think I'm going to give Dear Esther a go since that game looks right up my ally after doing some homework on it

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Bollocks should of posted it under the iPhone forum...

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Yoo, I've noticed I've started using my Iphone more and more recently so I've been on the hunt for some substantial games on the platform which will actually suffice my boredom. I've raised a similar question not too long ago about the PC, which have some suggestions I'd want to play but I feel like I don't have time to get full on into a game on my laptop as I am spending less and less time on it. I often don't find the 'hone your tapping skills in 5 minutes' genre that flood gaming on the iOS so I've been abit stumped for choices. I've recently bought SS:EP and enjoy it on occasion however find it hard to immerse myself in that particular world so my time on that has been pretty minimal. What'd ya reckon?

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Cheers duders these look pretty swag

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I'm hot off the heels of completing 'To The Moon' a experience i thoroughly enjoyed. Although not much of a typical 'game' I found myself pretty immersed clicking my way through the compelling story of it. Now, in my free time I feel like I just can't find a piece of interactive entertainment with the same amount of substance. I've recently bought Botanicula (of which ive found too conceptual for the majority of my time but still really liking it in the downtime), Yesterday and Lone Survivor taking into consideration my broken Xbox and my low spec laptop as my only current gaming platform.

Point'n'clicks aren't really my bag or choice of genre to be frank. I'm looking for something with more sentimental value than production values, yha get mii?

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I think I'm in to deep dudes, reflecting life too much. Is it a good thing? Anyway I made a song about it which I like myself, used a slide show of all the pictures of my life from the last year or two I could find.

I'd greatly appreciate any feedback

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@wealllikepie: Thanks