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Yo, I've made a new song and it's been ages since I've posted one online. I've still been making music heavy for the past year or so but I just haven't been putting it online and stuff.

It's pretty substantial how far I've come since I've last posted. Anyway if you want can you give it a listen and give me some feedback

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@PhatSeeJay:  Didn't notice anything about the picture in Shepard's room but I did take sides with Miranda against Jack then she still told me she was busy.  So I think there is abit more to it than that 
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Just hot of the heels of completing ME2 and I'm pretty sweeped by how amazing it was. Overall I was pretty happy with the save I've got for ME3 but I failed to get the romance with Miranda I was after; which cheeses me off the more I think about it. I completed it in 24 hours and I guess I'm willing to jump back to a save from 19 or more hours -- but can't really be arsed about going back further (mainly because recruitment and loyalty missions take 45 minutes each..) to get the romance.  
I don't know why I didn't get it though, I did all the loyalty missions and headed down to see Miranda after every mission, as well as help her in her bitchy argument with Jack. But all I get when I ask to talk to her is "I'm a bit busy at the moment...". I never got another chance to have a discussion with her for about half the game or something. Does anyone know what I've done wrong?

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@Sweep: Niiiccééé definitely giving these a listen  
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Thats not really chilled dubstep per say good friend. It's more like an electronic soundscape.  
Like this one  

  The first song to arguably make chillstep a real thing is this, which you might like 
  I also think you'd like the organic stuff too 
P.S If you can get the Glitterbug remix of Snow and Taxis it is more than ideal, could send a bunch of the most hyperactive toddlers to sleep in no time flat
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Nah......Not sold, buying a PSP was probably the biggest waste of money I've ever committed in my life. Giving me something with the same design but with upgrades around everything hardware isn't going to make up for it -- release Peace Walker 2 and Persona 4 Portable then will talk

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@zombie2011: I remember the pacing of Mass Effect being much quicker than the Fallout games at least in the first few segments before branching off into open world territory. But your probably right. Naked hair lady it is 
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I didn't have a lot of time to play games last year... So after hearing the GOTY podcasts I decided to go and pick up Bayonetta, Mass Effect 2 and Fallout New Vegas. 
I started New Vegas, but put it down fairly quickly since I knew I would have to invest time into this to get the wheel rolling in the game (I'll get round to it on the weekend). And now I've only got less than an hour left before it gets insanely late and I need to go to bed! So the question is to begin playing Bayonetta now or Mass Effect 2 and consider that I've got less than an hour for either.  

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@adoggz: The world isn't ready for the truth...
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Fallout: New Vegas -- Bread Money