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@Malakhii: Tried that, said he forgot 
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So far I've had no hassle with the power box of my Xbox for 3 years, but recently its just not having anything. I've cleaned it, left it unplugged for an hour, tried different power sockets. All I get is a red light. "Clearly, its dead pal" I hear you screaming already. But my mate came round the other day -- I couldn't get it on for about 5 minutes then he went up to it and got it on within about 30 seconds. I think he bypassed something or other cause the light was still red, and he is a bit of a script kiddie or something.... I don't know but is there anyway I could get it to work again?

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Fuck that, the game I'm waiting on in the future is Catherine. It looks so crazy and original. There's nothing in the western market like that 

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WWE sucks massive, MASSIVE monkey balls. If you mean wrestling otherwise; why not? May as well be like a combat website for Boxing, MMA, ect.  
Fuck that, make a Martial Arts Whiskey Media Website. Do it! DO IT!

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My personal favorite  
 Although some can argue overproduced and lacking the diversity of "Tide of Stars" DE DE MOUSE'S A Journey To Freedom is probably the best thing to happen to music since after the golden age of 2007. The fact tracks come together perfectly and  his use of extremely interesting production makes this that you sir need to get this album.  
Probably the one thats gonna have the most impact on the industry is  

 Everything Everything's debut album is probably the most original concoction made by band in recent memory. The constant harmonies, hypnotic guitar riffs and mind boggling lyrics is a deffinite win   
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Hm, I usually don't invest in spin-offs and shit but....Holy shit I actually haven't played ANY prequels in current memory and in any case, any prequel I would find memorable. AGRGHEOWPDO!1!1!!!!  

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In my opinion, Naruto is for the lesser experienced viewers of anime -- It's always the kind of first one that brings you in their. Apart from the universes fiction being vast and having lots of content; there is nothing special about Naruto in particular. Dude go watch some better shit.  
ON TOP OF ALL OF THIS! Anime Vice is the mutha-fucking sister site of Giant Bomb, are you for realz that you couldn't just post it there then get schooled on your misstakes?  

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Sooo retarded -- god damn red necks need to get on the ol'internets

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Fucking Sonic (360) and Superman Returns; fuck I must of had temporary retardedness.... 
However there are plenty of games I have no shame in like: 

  • Do You Like Horny Bunnies? (I dont really)
  • Rapelay 
  • Super Happy Incest Fun Time! 3
  • And a weird Japanese game about feet