Impressions: Spiral Knights

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Steam has recently added several free-to-play games to their store that use in-game purchases to make money. Since my primary computer has been my Macbook, I was happy to see one of the initial five released ran on both PC and Mac and decided to give it a run with fellow Bitpuncher Rich Matney. Spiral Knights was a fun but confusing and flawed experience that gamers that might be scraped for cash could have fun with for a while but the difficulty ramps up to a point that I became frustrated and landed at my definite stopping point.

It might be my ignorance with these types of games but was confused from the beginning and needed some explanation as to what exactly was expected of me. When you first boot up, you start in the hub world which includes three main areas: the Arcade, the Bazaar, and the Town. The Arcade area transports you to the different levels to explore and level up. The Bazaar is full of shops and the town area is a local hangout but includes the Auction house that is always crowded with bargaining and trading whatever items the players collect during their travels through the Arcade.

I’ll start out first with the Arcade which is where most of the game takes place. You have several choices to start with which are different levels. It appears to not really matter which one you choose because the levels are random. The game plays like a top-down hack-n-slash that you can play with three friends. You can choose to leave your party open so random strangers can hop in and join you. Sadly though, having multiple people with you with lots of enemies slows down drastically making the game unplayable until the action slows down. Spiral Knights has all the addictive trappings including leveling your character and your weapons, collecting loot, and trading items with other players. If this is enough for you then you will really like this game but I honestly cannot comment on the story because either it’s hidden deep in conversations with NPC’s or it doesn’t exist. That’s bad since I’ve put a dozen hours intoSpiral Knights and cannot comment on this.

There is a lot going on with this game and makes it hard to keep track with at first but becomes easier to understand the more time spent with it. Your currency is called Crowns, you have energy and you level up with heat. Your currency is easy to understand; coins, or Crowns, are scattered around levels to collect. Your energy is handled quite differently. You are allowed 100 energy per 24 hours. When you complete a level, you head toward the elevator and go down a floor to the next stage. This costs 10 energy which doing some math would have you believe that you are allowed to travel 10 floors a day. Well, energy is a type of currency with bringing you back to life when you are defeated and doubles each time you die. What I mean is initially it might cost 2 energy to revive you but the second time you die it will cost 4 and continues to double. At one point going through levels reviving myself would have cost me 160 energy, which I did not have. Say hello to the in-game purchases. You can buy energy with actual money which becomes necessary to continue on with the game since some weapons cost over 100 energy to craft. You can trade in your Crowns for energy, but the price is staggering. It is possible to play this game without spending a dime, but it would take an amount of time that I don’t have to spend on Spiral Knights.

Once you complete a level, your heat is tallied along with all your loot collected and your crystals, which translates to more crowns. Your heat is what levels up your gear which goes to level ten. Also each piece of gear has a star rating which depending on what you have available can restrict you from visiting certain levels. Are you confused yet?

Plenty of decisions made in Spiral Knights confused me. The recipe system is completely redundant. You buy a recipe for a piece of armor or weapons, the you go into your inventory and “learn” it which makes it available to craft at various machines throughout hub areas. Why would they make me learn the recipe after I bought it? Also once you equip an item, you cannot sell it because it binds to you and only you can use. You end up lower level items in your inventory that you cannot sell or do anything with.

The art in Spiral Knights is okay but has a lot to poke fun at, especially with the enemy design. You fight things like squirrels, lizards, broke robots, and jelly cubes that range in different colors. You can’t really expect too much variety but always laughed when ferocious cubes came attacking me.

One cool idea that has a lot of people hooked is the auction house, which many MMO games have. I like the idea of having auctions of loot that I know I will not be needing and logging on the next day to see what all I was able to sell. I put about twelve hours into Spiral Knights and was thoroughly enjoying it until you enter the second set of levels. The difficulty spiked to the point where I would get through one level but then died enough times on the second floor where I ran out of energy and had to be transported back to the hub. The screen would fill with enemies and I would lose control of what I was doing due to slowdown. If myself and three others cannot get through the two levels in the second tier of levels without purchasing energy then I’m done with the game. I did buy energy at one point to craft a weapon that was over 100 energy, which means I had no choice but to spend money to continue. I guess I could grind an excessive amount of tier one levels but the payoff wouldn’t be worth the hassle.

I enjoyed my time with the game and if this sounds interesting then you will as well. I like the concept and the fact that it is completely free but the barrier of entering these later levels is not worth the hassle. Also the confusing jargon might be too much for some to understand and not return to the game. The looting is something that becomes addicting which might justify a couple dollars spent on the game from time to time for some players but I doubt I will be returning.

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Review: Puzzle Agent 2 (Mac)

The first Puzzle Agent was released around this time last year and combined Professor Layton-esque puzzles with a dark and twisted story of the unimaginable place of Scoggins Minnesota. Nelson Tethers, a Puzzle Agent working with the FBI, was sent to Scoggins to investigate the strange locals and why the Eraser Factory has mysteriously stopped production. Telltale Games reeled me in with the first Puzzle Agent and left me eager to find out more about the missing people, the wood gnomes, and the offensive people of Scoggins. I was left satisfied with the experience but felt it could have been a bit more challenging and more variety to the puzzles, which is what Puzzle Agent is all about.

The original Puzzle Agent left me with a lot of questions and set it up perfectly for this sequel. The original story wrapped up, but Nelson Tethers was not satisfied with how things came together. Isaac Davner was still missing, the gnomes were still shrouded in mystery, and the locals were still ominous about everything discussed. Nelson decides to take a “vacation” back to Scoggins to research more into the case of the missing people. When Nelson enters Scoggins, he finds out the town is even more of a mess than when he left.

Puzzle Agent 2 mostly involves Nelson talking to the locals and engaging into puzzle sequences. When you talk with the characters around Scoggins, you have a list of topics to discuss that sometimes leads to puzzles to solve. The characters normally reveal a new clue to the overarching narrative and give you ideas as to where to travel next, which is pointed out to you on your map. Nelson goes around, talking with characters, solving puzzles, and getting into some absurd situations that made me laugh out loud several times. The animations also help with the humor; movement rarely happens but the couple of instances when you see characters running or chasing each other had me giggling the whole time.

The puzzles are mostly a static screen that you must solve by either doing math, moving blocks around, tracing patterns, or simply guiding Nelson through an obstacle room. The quality of the puzzles were a small issue with me. I actually thought this game’s puzzles were much easier in this game than the original, but it could be that I just knew more about what the puzzles would be like. This left me a little disappointed. I wanted to see more variety to the puzzles, since the first game felt like it was on a rotation of about five to six different types of puzzles, but this one does the same.

PA2 has a couple puzzles that I would have had no idea how to solve with the clues given to me, which left me shaking my head once I figured out what it was asking. One puzzle, for instance, had me googling the solution only because it was asking for such a specific number that very little people would know. I wouldn’t even have known where to start if it didn’t have a hint system in place. You are allowed three hints per puzzle as long as you have the chewing gum available, which is collected around the various locations in the gamed. Nelson claims he cannot concentrate without chewing gum, and Scoggins is on a strict non-gum law, so Nelson must rely on the ABC gum left around town.

Puzzle Agent 2 plays exactly like the first game did. It uses the same map, although a few new locations have been added with a couple new characters strewn about. This makes the first Puzzle Agent a necessity to play before you hop into the sequel; you would miss out on so many in-game jokes about characters and would be lost on why people act like they do. The puzzles are set up the same, the audio has been recycled and used again, and you go through the same steps as you did in the PA1. This is both a blessing and a curse for PA2. I was glad to revisit these locations and characters, but wanted more newness to the sequel. In the end though, I was satisfied with the story and hope they can continue where they left off but want them to dive even more into the absurdity. Scoggins is a strange place, and what makes it so abnormal is the characters and how quiet they are with the absurdity that goes on around them.

Not to spoil anything, but this story does wrap up in a nice way but still left a little nugget that they could go back to with a sequel, which I am already looking forward to. I would just like to see more variety to the puzzles and more depth with the story. I want to learn more about these characters; the Valda Inn receptionist, the puzzle fanatic at the diner, even diving more into the narrative around Officer Bahg would be interesting. I could go on but don’t want to get too into the fiction of Scoggins but just want to say the weird gets weirder. If you played the first game and want more of that then you will love Puzzle Agent 2. Just make sure you play the original before playing Puzzle Agent 2.

Score: 4/5


My Weekly Update May 30 - June 5 (E3 HYPE)

With E3 kicking off in a couple of hours, I wanted to go ahead and get my weekly post out of the way before I start yammering on about the same things that literally every other gaming blog will be covering. Konami has actually kicked off the show early announcing a new IP but what people mostly took away from the show was the fact that Konami wants you to buy their old stuff. That and the fact that they have developed Transfarring, which is something the gaming industry has been discussing for years. We just didn’t think it would get such a great name like transfarring. I expect us to hear lots of great names for products coming out this week.


So the first game I would like to bring up is Bayonetta. I bought it a while back hearing lots of great things about it but never got around to actually playing the damn thing. While I’ve never been a fan of these types of games, reviews liked to point out that Bayonetta was the best this type of action genre has. Even knowing that, I still could not get into the game. At first I thought I was in, I got past the fact that the Joe Pesci character was annoying and that this Japanese ass game was way too over the top, but it just never stops. Those cutscenes are unbearable to watch. I’ve never been an anime fan so I couldn’t tolerate it as much as some but I can’t play a game if I don’t give a shit about the story.

The gameplay wasn’t bad and I started to see why some gamers get hooked to these types of games. Stringing together massive combos and watching Bayonetta unleash these crazy hair demons was fun to watch but couldn’t carry the game for more than the couple of hours I put into the game. I’m just not a fan of the genre. Devil May Cry never really hooked me neither. I guess Bayonetta can go back on my shelf because I’ve got too many games I actually want to get through.

Assassins Creed: Brotherhood

I’m not going to get too into detail about this game since I’ve written about it so much but just want to say that I’ve finally finished. Wow, what a hell of a way to end that game on. I’m glad it sold well enough to warrant a sequel because now AC: Revelations is one of those holiday games I need to play as soon as it is available. And no the formula has not grown stale yet. I could play another game where all I do is snap my fingers and watch my assassins I’ve been training do all the dirty work. Play this game as soon as you can.


Thanks Sony! I played this game a while back and for some odd reason stopped in the middle of it and never proceeded to bother starting it up again. Now the game lives on my hard drive for FREE in which I’ve started another save. Not far into it at all but really enjoying it and will hopefully follow through until the end. I’d say during the summer when game releases slow down I’ll pick up the sequel.

other things going on:

  • Picked up Wipeout HD as my other freebie but not sure why; I hate racing games
  • Still really enjoying Super Stickman Golf; buy this if you haven’t already
  • Took off work to watch E3 and play lots of games
  • Excited to watch all these press conferences and not have to read a live blog
  • Don’t mind live blogs though
  • I have not gotten back into L.A. Noire yet…

Giantbomb has a great rundown on where to go to watch live coverage of E3 here.


My Weekly Update May 23-29


My favorite picture taken on my Chicago trip

So this week will be a very short update. I spent the weekend in Chicago, photo blog incoming, but did manage to play one game on my travels. Super Stickman Golf is currently my go-to game on my iPhone. SSG is simply a great golf game that has been creating a lot of buzz on twitter. I downloaded it when it was available for free but is now .99 which is definitely worth it. If you are over seeing birds dominate the top of the charts, then don’t hesitate to spend a dollar on SSG. You don’t have to be a golfer to enjoy this arcade style golf game. Be warned though, it does get quite addictive and has me reaching for my phone in the way when I was addicted to Game Dev Story.

This week won’t be much with gaming either as I will be doing work with the house and celebrating my birthday this weekend. Hopefully I can get my wife excited again about L.A. Noire and try outTerraria, which Giantbomb has me excited about with its quicklook.

Happy Gaming


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What the Hell Has Happened to Square Enix?

Squaresoft was a major part of my childhood growing up. Knowing for Christmas or my birthday I had a 40+ hour RPG present waiting for me to divulge into was all I wanted. Every month, my excitement grew more and more for each game they developed as I flipped to the RPG section of my GamePro magazine and drooled over the two or three new screenshots they provided. Their games helped me become a better reader and made me realize that games could be more than the side-scroller genre I was so fond of. They could tell amazing fantasy tales filled with interesting characters and were easily my favorite development studio as a child next to Nintendo.

Nowadays, Square Enix is nothing but a joke to me. What once was a company I would throw money at with each new release has become nothing but an exaggerated laugh each time I hear news about them. Their games fail to do anything interesting and only show that the company is struggling to keep up with modern times. It started last generation when Square Enix started developing questionable IPs and sequels to numbered Final Fantasy games, which was unheard of until then. Now Square Enix is just as confused as their fans are with this crazy new direction try are taking which is rehashing old titles on every console available and creating spinoffs that review terribly.

I don’t want to beat a dead horse but just want to reiterate that I simply hated Final Fantasy XIII. I tried to trick myself into thinking I liked it only to sink 25 hours into it and regret every minute I wasted. The story was inconceivable, the characters were stereotypically stupid and that combat system could not hold my interest at all. I’ve written about the game in the past as to why I hated taking off work to play this game so I’ll just leave it at that.

I’ve not been much of an MMO guy so deciding to finally try one out with the next Final Fantasy, which came out the same year as FFXIII, turned out to be a huge hassle and I gave up on trying fighting my way through their shitty system of getting into the beta. I watched for days as the client downloaded, starting and stopping every now and then to see if it froze up until I gave up on it and decided to wait for reviews. I read multiple impressions pieces on it and followed Phil Kollar from Game Informer as he struggled with the game trying to find any sort of fun within. Quite simply, the game was broken and to this day continues to do so. I applaud Square Enix to continue to offer the service for free but still am aggravated to know gamers went to stores and bought a broken game.

FFXIII did decent but wasn’t what people expected, yet Square continues to kill it’s series with multiple spinoffs, including a direct sequel, which I’m sure will be a main focus at E3. And to top it off, just recently sites have been reporting of yet another entry to the MMO genre that isn’t tied into Final Fantasy that should be released next year. Will FFXIV be fixed by then? Will it finally be available to PS3 owners? Will gamers even give a shit?

I’m not afraid of change; I kind of liked FFXII even though it wasn’t a typical turn based RPG. I also haven’t grown tired of this genre of games because im still playing through Pokémon which I’m thoroughly enjoying.  Square announced they want to innovate the series with modern times but seems go wildly into directions I don’t want. Turn based isn’t bad, neither are random battles. Mario, Pokemon, these games still do turn based quite well and still sell great to a large audience. You know how many gamers want a new Pokémon game for current home consoles?

You would think the company has tons of money to use for their top tier franchises. It seems every month they release an old entry to one of their franchises to a console it wasn’t available for previously. They must keep doing this for a reason; hell Nintendo as a company is known for this. I for one could care less to play these older games on my phone or PSP. Instead of focusing on this, why can’t they put their resources to something new? Or if they want to remake games, why always go for FFIV? Final Fantasy VII would sell tremendously if they would just remake the game for HD consoles. They claim it would be too much money, but how much have they wasted so far on their latest MMO which hadn’t seen a month of revenue yet? I’m not claiming I want FFVII to be remade, but just putting it on the PSN got a million downloads. People want this game but Square fails to notice.

The company needs to do something because what they are doing now is losing them money. Maybe acquiring Eidos wasn’t the right thing for them where they should have been focusing on how to better their internal studios. E3 is going to be an interesting show for them, when they come out showcasing all the new spinoffs and this new MMO that looking at comments across the web is unanimously unwanted. Hopefully they have something that could make me a believer again but for now I’ll focus on the developers who are doing the RPG genre right.


My Weekly Update May 16-22

Assassins Creed Brotherhood
More AC:B this week. Just finished memory 7 of I think 10 so will hopefully finish this up soon. The story is continuing to be great and really has me excited for Revelations. I had the motivation to collect everything but now I’m ready to just finish the game and be done with it; my backlog is growing and I need to move on. Also need to try out the multiplayer in this before I complete the game, otherwise I’ll never get around to playing online.

Portal 2
Myself and Rich just recently completed the co-op portion which was fantastic. We were hung up a few times toward the end but wanted to slap ourselves once we realized how easy the solution was. I’m still playing through the single player and am around chapter 4.

Me and Rich both were not overly excited for the game but wanted to give the co-op a shot. I was very happy with how it turned out and am feigning to play more of the single player. So far the game has been really funny except that MINOR SPOILER- Glados can be a bit annoying- END SPOILER. Overall, this game has been really enjoyable and I’m glad I didn’t pass it up.

L.A. Noire
So I can’t really speak too much about this game but I do have some very early impressions. My wife decided she wanted to play with me so I have to redo the two hours I put into it already. But I don’t mind one bit, because this game not only looks great but also is extremely interesting to play. Notice how I didn’t use “fun” there because although I’m thoroughly enjoying the experience, I’m not having a blast.

It’s not that type of game though; it’s simply composed of clean detective work. And that’s is something this industry needed. You can’t break character and go around killing innocent bystanders just because you want to. Maybe you can hit them with your car but never can you pull a gun out on anybody other than the action segments. Critics and gamers always complain that Rockstar’s main characters never feel real because the main character in the story claims to never harm anyone only after the cutscene grab the nearest jetpack and machine gun and mow a block of people down while zipping around in the sky. Red Dead Redemption did a better job with this not having John Marston cheat on his wife or anything along those lines but he was still a cold blooded murderer doing dirty work for the worst people imaginable.

Like I said earlier, this game is all about solving crimes and working your way up the ranks of police work. Two things make this game stand out from all other games on the market. First, the facial animations that have been blowing gamers minds are simply astounding. It’s not perfect, but the technology used is quite amazing and really shows how this industry can move forward.

During interrogations, you actually read people’s reactions to questions you are asking and can make a more logical guess as to who us lying, or telling the truth which feeds into my second point I’m trying to make. You actually have to watch people to see how they react to your questions. I’m normally a person that turns on subtitles for all games but quickly turned them off once I realized I was reading the text and not watching the character’s actions. You might see their eyes lose focus on your character for a second, which shows a weakness on their statement. So far I’ve been good at reading people but have talked with friends who tell me it only gets harder.

I’m so happy they made a game like this and hope it sells well. My guess is ill be playing this game for a while since me and my wife are fairly busy and will have a hard way sitting time aside for this. It might not be for everybody but gamers who are yearning for a great looking modern adventure game will be pleasantly surprised with Rockstar’s latest gem.

That’s about all I’ve been playing this week. Hopefully I can find the time this week to finish Portal 2before I go off to Chicago for my weekend getaway.

Happy Gaming



My Weekly Update May 9-15


So not much of an update this week, except for Assassins Creed Brotherhood; a game I’ve been meaning to play for quite some time and am just now getting around to playing. In short, the game has exceeded AC2 in every way so far. The inclusion of having assassins fight with you is easily the coolest thing about the series, and I’m hoping they keep it in for Revelations. Rome is huge with lots of open areas to explore. I’m less than ten hours in but already certain it’s my favorite in the series. I’m glad I took a break from AC2 since I was late on that entry as well.

That’s about all I’ve been gaming. I really hope I finish AC:B before L.A. Noire completely takes me over. Both are fairly long games that will take me a while to get through. Haven’t been gaming anything else; not even on my iPhone, which I’m normally playing a game or two on that. The rest of my week hasn’t been all stellar either, just been working a lot.

  • About finished with the 2nd season of Mad Men, which continues to be fantastic
  • Watched Ferris Bueller’s Day Off for the first time. Really has me jazzed for my Chicago trip in a couple weeks
  • Decided to crack open my HTML/CSS book I’ve been meaning to read for about five months now
  • Still haven’t learned anything else out of that yet.
  • Got vacations days approved for E3 so I can sit in my game room and nerd out for the press conferences
  • Tell people I work with it’s for my birthday (June 8th)
That’s all I’ve got for this week. Hopefully I have more to talk about next week.

Happy Gaming


New Alan Wake in the Works for 2011


A rumor about an Alan Wake sequel was thrown around a couple days ago after an employer put the title on his resume. Now Joystiq has reported that Remedy released a statement promising details in the coming weeks (E3 I’d imagine) but would not call it Alan Wake, nor is it downloadable episodes for the first Alan Wake.

“Fans of the franchise will be excited to learn that, yes, more Wake is coming!” he said. “But to be absolutely certain to avoid confusion, this next Wake installment will not be Alan Wake 2. But neither will it be DLC.”

I’m sorry but this statement just adds to the confusion already. What the hell are they doing then? They also go on to say that this will help people not familiar with the franchise. Has there been more than one game? Couldn’t they just play the first one and be caught up on the whole series? Does this mean they are rebooting the series? Do I really care?

Honestly I was one that liked some parts of Alan Wake but was ultimately let down with the overall experience. The DLC chapters did nothing for me as well not adding any closure to the story that seemed to be a clusterfuck anyway. I’m not saying I don’t understand what happened, I have wikis for that. I’m simply stating that the only great feature of Alan Wake was a little muddled with the vagueness. I didn’t care for the shooting mechanic or the ghost farm equipment attacking me; I thought it was all kind of mediocre. Joystiq thinks it’s a reboot, but why do that now? Oh, because nobody bought this game.

So expect something to release by the end of the year. People tie the bad sales of Alan Wake with Red Dead Redemption since it was released on the same day. Let’s not forget the amazing holiday coming along that Alan will have to compete with. If it can’t hang with RDR, can it break through Battlefield,CODSkyrimUnchartedBatman etc.?


PSN Still Down… and My Week Update


So here I sit reading the latest on this whole PSN debunk that it “should” be up before the end of May. Now the latest shows Sony disputing this rumor not offering any clarification in the slightest. Sony is in a world of trouble currently and not knowing any details on what is going on is hurting my judgment even more.

This isn’t a post to bag on Sony for not handling this situation well at all but more of a shock that they still cannot get their network back online. Not only is Sony hurting with the downtime, but companies like Capcom are making public statements claiming loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars because the store is inaccessible to all users. Not to mention that one amazing week with MKPortal 2, and Socom 4; all games that have a strong online component that no gamers have been able to enjoy.

Not to beat a dead horse but I’m still amazed at how people have reacted to this. Normally the internet is fuming with hatred on situations like this but I’ve seen a large portion of gamers just patiently waiting for the service to be back up. I’m glad I decided to buy MK for 360 since I have that special Evil d-pad controller.

For my weekly update, I don’t have much to brag about. I started Portal 2 on PC but am still under an hour in that game. I’m quite surprised that I’ve come this far without having any spoilers of Portal 2. I played quite a bit of Sonic and Sega All Star Racing with my niece and grabbed 100 Rogues for free on iOS. That is a great dungeon crawler but kept crashing on me once I left my Wi-Fi spot.

I plan on getting back on MK and maybe finally finishing my second playthrough of Mass Effect 2. I’ve put that off long enough. I’m eager to read the reviews of Brink tomorrow to see if it’s something I’ll be interested in and maybe squeeze that in somewhere.

Happy Gaming



Experiencing Shooter Fatigue


I’ve recently gotten some hands on time with Crysis 2; a game I knew nothing about but wanted to check it out for the suit mechanic and graphics. I am a fan of FPS games and shooters in general and was much looking forward to playing this but after a couple hours I’ve lost all interest I’ve had with Crysis 2. I have been playing a ton of shooters lately, mostly because those are what are coming out, but feel like I need a break for a while.

I started looking at what I’ve been playing, and even though my taste does vary quite a bit, there are a lot of shooters I’ve played recently.

Shooters I’ve played in the past six months:

Halo Reach
Medal of Honor
Call of Duty: Black Ops
Dead Space 2
Crysis 2
Lead and Gold
Fallout: New Vegas
Mass Effect 2
 (2nd Playthrough)
Kane & Lynch 2

I’m sure there are others but that list is enough to show that shooters are very popular now and are almost a sure hit with gamers (sorry Singularity.) Also, some might be looking at this list and shouting at me by throwing games like Fallout and Mass Effect on there since they are really different from the others but are still classified as a shooter.

I’m hiding behind cover in Crysis waiting for the enemy to pop out of cover so I can pump bullets into him and was questioning why I’m doing this time after time again. Sure it has a cool suit that you can go invisible, but all it essentially does is slow the action down by wanting you to sneak around instead of guns blazing. I felt the same way about Bulletstorm; it’s a gorgeous looking title and has some different gameplay elements that isn’t just a run and gun game but its not enough. The whip was cool and skill shots made you think of how to approach different situations, but they weren’t varied enough. I see a great game in Crysis 2 and understand why it’s been getting great reviews, but I have exhausted myself with shooters and am tired of the same gameplay over and over again.

There are still plenty of games coming out that I’m really looking forward to that are shooters but I’m taking a break. I’m sure if it’s been a while I would have given Crysis 2 more of a shot but right now it just seems boring to me. What does everybody else think of Crysis? I also skipped Killzone 3; was that a mistake or does it contain enough variety that I should try it out? I am glad actually that Duke Nukem was pushed back, even though I know that will be a traditional shooter that will probably be nothing more than “meh.” I’m also excited for the amazingly looking shooter Battlefield 3 which I’m sure will turn my sights back onto this genre. 

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