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Puella Magi Madoka Magica. It's brilliant and there's no fanservice at all.

I just wanted to let you know, after I saw you post something about this show in the "looking for a mature anime" thread a few days ago, I decided to give this show a shot. Man oh man was it great. I finished it in two days, and I almost never watch shows that fast. Thanks for the recommendation!

I am going to second this. I saw the recommendation, decided to give it a shot, watched it in 2 days, then immediately recommended to a friend, who loved it as well. So thanks !

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I second this recommendation. The sword action is top notch, and the final action sequence is pretty great. The story is perfect for setting up the amazing action to take place while not distracting from what the movie is good at. Which is bad-ass sword combat.

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One time in the breakroom a cowoker told me about how he had to drive to San Fransisco late at night because his daughter's period wouldn't stop bleeding. I met this guy about a week before that and he already decided to tell me all that.

So yes, people are weird

Ontopic, people handle situations differently. Some have huge anxiety issues over the smallest thing while others seem to keep their cool in the worst situations.

the person this person is describing is strange.

The guy that has been through a hard life probably has a of empathy and can understand the hardship the other guys is going through. That is commendable not strange.

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I enjoyed this album a lot. I don't know if it is for everyone, but if you like things you might enjoy this thing.

4 stars.

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Yes. Seeing them live in Toronto tomorrow ! pretty excited.

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Shibbxyz fighting !!! gl hb !

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If I can grab an EU trail account thing I would be down to play from NA ! :)

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Playing in UK Nationals that day so not for me :)

Good luck duder ! I remember a while back looking at a liquidpedia bracket for some UK tournament Grubby played in and saw you took a game off him, I think. I was like, I recognized that name from Giantbomb !

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This gives me a good reason to starting playing again. Can't wait.

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I got a job at the local furniture store working the receiving area at nights when I was 16. I would put out furniture on the floor and assemble said furniture. Also, if a customer needed something put in their car I would help them with that. It was a pretty easy job with lots of variety of work to do.

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I would be down to play. I play on NA and I have guest passes if european players need them :)