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I know the L4D games are the kind that is much better with actual people, so feel free to add me on Steam (MaverickShin) if you want to play some time. I also have Skype if you want to use that to chat while playing.

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I know most CS players have years of experience and will headshot me from across de_dust as soon as the match begins, so do you bombers have any general tips for a new kid? My shooter experience is limited to TF2 and Borderlands (which basically doesn't count.)

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I'm disappointed, I thought you meant that one of the monsters was a giant disembodied breast.

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@LordXavierBritish: Thanks.

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The vocalist, to be specific.

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@DigitalErsatz: I'd be up for some games, I've been wanting to start a Soldier. I'm MaverickShin on Steam. 
EDIT: I should give you fair warning that I'm using a laptop with Intel integrated graphics, so even at minimum settings with VoiP running I might lag when things get heavy.
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To answer your question, I've never noticed anything majorly different. I've played Alpha 3 competitively and logged in quite a few hours of Super Turbo and Third Strike and never noticed a difference between them with dragon punches.

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I play Dota-esque games just to mess around, so I just laugh at the ragers and if I'm feeling particularly vindictive start picking back on them. I can imagine it would get irritating if you're actually playing to be competitive, but the best you can do is plan around them being difficult glory hogs and try to make up for it.

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There are still reversal moves, they're been around since SF2, IIRC. Fireballs are indeed less useful due to parrying preventing even chip damage, and over all Third Strike favors careful play without overextending yourself too much. I always like to say it's the fighting game most like actual fighting, minus the shooting fireballs, robots, and stretchy-armed rubber men. 
EDIT: I should actually say it's the 2D fighting game most like actual fighting.

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StarCraft 2 is making such a great push for validating e-sports. Makes me proud.

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