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Patrick you rock for continuing to provide the site with content like this. There are so many wonderful indie / small shop games out there I would otherwise be missing.

Yeah I agree, Patrick's been knocking it out of the park lately, good show!

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Words can't express. I will never forget Ryan Davis.

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Good job duders on getting the site up and working, pretty smooth all things considered.

I was wondering about the new Coming Up on Giant Bomb tool on the site's time zone awareness.

On the old site the tool was able to automatically display my local time for all of the events, but the new one seems stuck on your local Californian time.

Anyone else noticed this happening?

Is this a bug of feature? It's just that the tool becomes significantly less useful to me when it does not display my local time.


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This game insults my intelligence. I like everything that it draws from, I like the music and the graphics but fuck you Square Enix, fuck you.

Games for touch machines need to play differently to classic games, I get that, it's unequivocally true, but they need to actually require a human with a functioning brain on the other end too, this game makes no such demand.

This is the idiocracy Final Fantasy, boiled down to the slimy repetitive core. You can't lose, you can't play well and you have no agency at all.

This is a $4 - $50 Warioware micro game......

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@Scroll: Hey I'm back and up for some Halo! do you think anything with happen tonight?

I'd really like to get in to a custom game night with Giant Bomb folks. Everyone else still up for it?

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MW2, and for the record Black Ops 2 looks interesting, but I'll wait for the quicklook/TNT to decide if I want to pick it up (spoiler: I probably won't).

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Hey all sign me up for the UK/EU group.

Gamertag: Max016

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@Enns: Oh nice, I'll try making a character on 7 too then, that ctrl Z tip is nice too, I hate messing up a character's face and then not being able to make it look human again!


I totally ended up in Ship 9 too, seems to be the only one now locked right now.

Game's offline for an hour now for maintenance.

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Hey, I've tried to make a character on ship 2 but it is not allowing me to continue. I'm guessing maybe the server is either too busy or full?

Anyone got any ideas what's up?

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Hey all,

I'm downloading the PSO2 Beta right now and I've been thinking about where I should make my character in the game as it seems you can only have 1 character by default.

So where you all at? I hear there is a fair amount of English players rolling on Ship 2, but do you guys have a great group on another ship?

I'd like to meet up with others to discover this game together with people I can understand if possible!

Also, for those of you already in the game, how is it?

Watching all the trailers I go back and forth between feeling really excited for what seems to be a really cool Co-op action RPG game to feeling sleazy looking at weird robot lady boobs being resized (I know its just the character creation but they show it so much) in skimpy cyber clothes.

So how's the game play feel and where you playing at?