The State of RTS on Console

Ever since the console market became more than the pc gaming market the popular pc genre RTS is trying to make it’s way on the consoles. if we only look at this generation then we see that there is a market for rts genres on consoles. an original console game like Halo Wars sold really well, but on the other side End War did poorly. so how do we make RTS on console fun.

There are a few kinds of RTS games on consoles. we have the PC ports like Red Alert 3 and Supreme Commander 2. and we have that games that take the PC mind set and take only the basics of it like Halo Wars. these games are playable but most of them arn’t really fun. the biggest problem of RTS on Console is the unit selection. because most rts games use rock-paper-scissor, or another kind of counter system you need to select certain kinds of units. the way most games do that is by creating a cursor to mimic a mouse but that doesn’t work. other games use an “All Units” Button but that does not allow you to select certain kinds of units. Other games like Stormrise and Endwar try a different thing. instead of taking the PC mind set they just start fresh. they both use an interesting control mechanic. Endwar Uses basic units and locations and translates it into Voice Control, this actually works quite well and it makes playing an rts on console actually fun. And we have Stormrise that uses an analoge stick and bubbles of units around the edge of the screen to select units(Whip Select), that did not work as well. but it will be the things that we have learned from Stormrise that will help us create a perfect console rts hybrid.

The weird standout’s in all of this are Tower Defense games and “Dota” like games.
Were Tower Defense games on the console are Fun good and Playable, the Dota like games haven’t made it to consoles yet in there form. the reason is that it will have to give you direct control of the character and map ability to your face buttons, and that will  basically be Deadspank multiplayer. if anybody would make that that would be great, maybe it sounds kinda bad but it can actually work quite well and be a lot of fun.

RTS on Console has his ways to go. because of the lack of a mouse the unit selection is missing, that’s why they should make an RTS whit out units on consoles. if you look at games like Majesty they would be great for consoles. and while in 2008 there was an announcement for Majesty 2 on Xbox 360 after there has not been any infomation about that project. I fear that they cancelled it because of the bad PC sales for Majesty 2. So the Conclusion is that if you wanna make an rts on consoles really think about your controller, don’t mimic a mouse and make it fun.    


Top 5 - Video Game Intro's

First i wanna say that with every top 5 i just choose the things that i remember the best and i think are the best. maybe i am totally wrong or forgetting something key. please tell me that in the comments 

5. Red Alert 2

I Know what you think, Yeah the game was awesome but what was the intro. Not only was the install really fun because of a briefing but also the intro was great. In this intro the U.S.A. is getting attacked by soviet aggressors, with fighting or whit peace. Not is the Humor in the game really visible but also the craziness of the intro makes this deserve his place in the top 5 



4. Final Fantasy VIII

Personally i did not play this game much, but i remember the intro. i was at a friends house and he just picked up FF VIII, So he puts it in and we see this and think OMG this game is awesome. After that i left but still the music combined whit the camera makes this intro top 5 material.


3. Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball 2

Creepy, Yes!. but still it looks kinda great for the time. its not only that this intro did something no intro did. but also they just made a intro that everybody who watches it thinks OMG did they really make this. Thats why this is number 3 on this list. 


2. The Beatles: Rockband

You Probably still remember this trailer. E3 09 Microsoft Press Conference. you where watching online and waiting till it would begin. then everything went black and this trailer rolled. and it was great. not only did this trailer sell me on the game. but i also did what many people could not do. make me listen and enjoy the Beatles. 


1. Street Fighter IV

Maybe it is because i have been looking out too the game for a year. maybe it is because the song is so catchy. or maybe it is because the game is KICK ASS. but mainly it is because they put so much stuff into the trailer and its so good it shows the fighting and the bashing and everything you need to know. 
Well that was my top 5 Video Game intro's please tell me what you think and what your top 5 is. i look forwards too the comments :)  

Top 5 - Most Useless Game characters

5. Raiden

Raiden, You know, the blond guy from metal gear solid 2. i still know it well. the complete world was waiting for the sequel to metal gear solid and when they could once again own with solid snake. and when finely the moment was there, and then he was there a blond dude. not only that was irritating he also seems to have a girlfriend who can't stop crying.

4. Luigi

 He is Scary!

You have Mario and you have ...., indeed Luigi. but why, is Mario not better of doing the adventures on his own called super Mario instead of super Mario bros. now a long green idiot is following him around. let's be clear on this Luigi is the pathetic one of the two and Mario can do everything better on his own.

3. Bosses in Fighters

Let's call back too the end boss of SFIV Seth, or any other end boss in fighters these days. those things are just stupid and unnecessary. They all have a major amount of health and do lots of damage how is that even fair. The other kind of bosses is where they take a character on the roster and make that one more powerfull, that's even more stupid. why can i beat him in a quick match but not as a boss?

2. Everybody in Sonic except Sonic

Remember the Blue Hedgehog that Sega used to make good games for. And some of the blame for the crappy sonic games Sega has been making for a long time now is thanks too the Supporting cast. those characters are just so annoying stupid and no fun at all. if its Knuckles or Shadow somebody or one of the other characters, they should just throw them all away and start with the core where sonic is all about. 

1. Latisha

Tojam & Earl are two guys i would like too hang with. they are one of the most coolest alien teams out there. but what happens if the 2 boys meet a girl, that does not work. a bee like girl that looks like they just came out of Leisure suit Larry's latest game comone. a huge head and small tits. comone even the name is stupid Latisha oww only thinking about here makes me sad.

 Never Again