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Honestly the first 15-20 ranks of this game are the worst. Once you get access to stuff like grenades, sticky bombs, and the sniper rifle the game starts to open up. The most fun I've had so far has been stealing helicopters and using them to chase bounties with my sniper rifle. There is something super satisfying clipping someone in the dome out of their car from a half mile away. Especially since you know they were griefing someone. Likewise for blowing up their whip with stickies.

I think the most fun I've had bounty hunting hands down is blowing up a bounty crusing down the highway with the jet's explosive chain gun. Granted, I took out half of the people driving on the highway as calatoral damage...

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Protip: blowing up dudes cars results in getting labeled as a bad sport

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I will whole heartedly join a gta golf league with the stipulation that there be a hidden sniper on every odd numbered green

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Can I get an invite to one of the 360 overflow crews?

GT: Max Mischi3f

R*: MaxMischi3f

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So, I just reach a point where I can call up merryweather security. Right now all I can do is callin ammo drops, but it looks like later on you can call in backup helicopters, boat and helicopter extractions, merc teams and air strikes. I'm suddenly super stoked about the online portion of this game now.

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If you're going solo, make sure you change the mission difficulty to easy. It doesn't change the payout that I've been able to notice and it makes a big difference.

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I *think* the way the missions work is either tied to level or how many jobs you do for the same person. After about 3-4 missions I started getting better jobs with bigger payouts.

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I actually don't think it's that grindy. Property and some of the car mods can be expensive, but placing in races can net you around $5k a pop plus bets. Even if you're a terrible driver, as long as you can guess who's going to win a race after playing a few games with the same group you can still get a good chunk of change off bets. Hell, you can race solo time trial style and make a few thousand off of that. Deathmatches are good for money too.

As far as getting the guns go, play a few missions and as long as you're at the level a gun unlocks you can pick weapons of dead guys and keep them. That can save you upwards of $10k depending on the gun. Plus, after you do a few of the missions from the guys that call you, those start paying around $5k-$10k each. I think the cell phone missions are where the real money is going to end up coming from. I've already made about $80k total and I'm only level ten.

Edit: oh, and the timer for selling cars to LS customs resets every time you join a new lobby.

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Seems like if you get past the race everything will be gravy. Really bummed out my character got corrupted/deleted now. I can practically quote this damn intro movie word for word now.

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Crud. Looks like my guy got deleted. Or the servers are on fire. Really sucks if that's the case, I was playing on him not more then an hour ago. Rockstar has some kinks to work out in this game for sure.