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Rogue Legacy

Witcher 2

Check out the Humble Bundle 2k sale

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@medacris My dad is the same way, doesn't understand games at all and when I tried to explain them he looked at me like I was crazy. When I was a kid I tried to teach him how to play with no success (too many buttons I guess). since then I've learned to simply not talk about them, It's kind of a bummer that he can't connect with me on such a big part of my life. On the other hand when I was a kid a played way too much World of Warcraft, so he definitely had a point about them being unhealthy. Maybe try to show him a game that caters to his interests? Maybe something simple and competitive like Sports Friends or Nidhogg? And if that doesn't work maybe just stop talking about them in front of him.

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Mayo + Sriracha is what I usually go with, recently ketchup isn't doing it for me.

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I don't think I hate anyone, including my sister. She's alright.

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Confusion followed by a bit of sadness

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I've been rocking the tuberauser laser+armor+superboost

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I don't have many PSN friends on the vita and it would be nice to have people to compete against on the leaderboards. So share away!

Mine is Maxswells95