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Just finished watching Killing Them Softly, it was pretty good, kinda slow but it didn't bother me, good acting, decent characters. 3/5.

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whatever man its clumsy but at least they are trying to make quiet moments. I hope all this dog-piling doesn't stop them from trying in future Call of Duty games.

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I've really liked it so far, everyone seemed to know how to play their class (due to a forced tutorial video that plays when you select a new class). Had some really good, tense matches but more than half of them seemed one-sided, either the hunters thrashed the monster in <5minutes, or the monster got to level 2 and destroyed the hunters (usually with the Kraken). Not sure it's 60 dollars on day one good, but I liked what I played more than any other multiplayer Fps in a while.

Anyone know if there are other modes? hunter vs hunter? horde mode?

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I had a fellow named Uruk the Smasher who came back half a dozen time, his face would get more and more fucked up and eventually he just covered his face by tying a bag to it. I grew fond of him, it was kinda sad when I lopped his head off. He even had a pet name for me, MAN SWINE.

Great game

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A Jean Giraud (aka Moebius) game would be amazing, sadly he passed away a few years back but using his work as concept art would be amazing.

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I've gone as far as making a whole lot of concept art and doing level design, but sadly I have no idea how to code.

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hmmmm I guess Gearbox, I've only played Borderlands 1&2 but the story in those is forgettable and the characters are passable to annoying.

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In my opinion games, like all other artistic mediums, need to be interesting in one way or another to be considered good. It all has to do with what the player finds interesting, some people like mechanics focused games, while some people are more focused on the visuals or the storytelling.

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@mosespippy: just got speedlunky the other day with 2 minutes to spare not as hard as a thought it would be.

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Looks like they could of put a full sized slide pad on the right instead of that tiny one, kinda want to get my hands on it and see how it feels. Dumb name, but I might upgrade since I still have the og 3ds and whenever I play it after using my vita it just seems so damn tiny. Definitely didn't see this coming.