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Orc Stain is awesome, great art and a really amazing, bizarre world.

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@ravelle said:

They're called Rocksteady, let them make a really good Ninja Turtles game.

This, but with bright pastel colors instead gray grit that coats the Arkham games.

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I have Castlevania on my 3ds, go back to it every month or so

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Tried to start dragon age: inquisition three different times and couldn't get past a few hours in, combat was so mindless, and the story didn't do much for me either.

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PSN: maxswells95

just got to level 15

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Good luck duder!

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Just finished watching Killing Them Softly, it was pretty good, kinda slow but it didn't bother me, good acting, decent characters. 3/5.

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whatever man its clumsy but at least they are trying to make quiet moments. I hope all this dog-piling doesn't stop them from trying in future Call of Duty games.

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I've really liked it so far, everyone seemed to know how to play their class (due to a forced tutorial video that plays when you select a new class). Had some really good, tense matches but more than half of them seemed one-sided, either the hunters thrashed the monster in <5minutes, or the monster got to level 2 and destroyed the hunters (usually with the Kraken). Not sure it's 60 dollars on day one good, but I liked what I played more than any other multiplayer Fps in a while.

Anyone know if there are other modes? hunter vs hunter? horde mode?

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I had a fellow named Uruk the Smasher who came back half a dozen time, his face would get more and more fucked up and eventually he just covered his face by tying a bag to it. I grew fond of him, it was kinda sad when I lopped his head off. He even had a pet name for me, MAN SWINE.

Great game