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@mosespippy: just got speedlunky the other day with 2 minutes to spare not as hard as a thought it would be.

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Looks like they could of put a full sized slide pad on the right instead of that tiny one, kinda want to get my hands on it and see how it feels. Dumb name, but I might upgrade since I still have the og 3ds and whenever I play it after using my vita it just seems so damn tiny. Definitely didn't see this coming.

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Just beat the game at 7 hours. It was a blast, one of my favorites games so far this year. Great look, smooth animation, and an awesome soundtrack. Goes way beyond an audio visual toy.

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@enemylandlord: fuck that shit! But yeah I'll probably get around to that.

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I guess no one in Hyrule stashed turkeys in the walls of the dungeons.

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It it's already an established character I stick to the default name, if it's a Pokemon game I name it something related to shit, any other rpgs I usually just think up one that fits my character and play style (For example Eli the Silent for my cat man assassin in skyrim).

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Nice! I've been meaning to check out Super Time Force.

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Man when I first saw this I prayed it was one of those death hoaxes. Rest in peace.

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I've been playing Spelunky on the vita since it came out and recently I've been experiencing instant death, mostly in the temple stages. I was just on a great run, I had the jetpack, plamsa gun, 8 health, and I was on the last stage before Olmec and right as the stage started I died. On the death screen it said I was beaten up but I don't see how that was possible given my health and how I was killed in one shot. Can anyone shed some light on this? Am I missing something or is it a bug? Edit: It was the croc man killing me with his telefrags, it's good to know this game is still flawless in a techinal aspect (except from the framerate issue on the water/snow levels).