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Holy sheet, that is awesome.

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      Yo folks. These last few weeks waiting for MW2 seem like they're taking forever. Wanted to keep myself busy to speed up the time waiting, so I recently put together a tribute/montage to Modern Warfare. Wanted to show my appreciation to IW for making a game that could keep a persons attention for 2 years now.

It combines elements from the movie 'Aliens' with MP and SP action taken from COD4.

Modern Warfare : Close Encounters


This is my 2nd attempt at making a COD4 film. Just trying to improve a bit for when MW2 lands. Let's hope this will make the wait a little more bearable. Take care COD4, long live MW2!
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Thanks for the feedback folks, albeit a bit critical. This was my first attempt at putting together a montage. Creating timing elements and more dramatic moments will be a highlight for the next video. Looking forward to getting better for the next and eventually MW2.

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Hey there folks.  In anticipation for MW2, I've been keeping myself busy as of late by playing MW and trying to develop some video editing skills. Here's my first montage, revolved around the M1014 auto shotgun with the theme 'Deep & Hard.  Hope ya'll enjoy it!
Call of Duty 4: Deep & Hard

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If it wasn't for James Cameron, a lot of the concepts behind many first person shooters and other games wouldn't exist.  I won't go on to mention many others...but the biggest franchise being 'Halo' pulling a majority of it's source material from 'Aliens' back in 1986. Sad part is...the majority of it's die-hard population has no idea this is the case being born in the late 80's early 90's.
edit: If you've also recently played the campaign of Call of Duty 4, there's several throwbacks, quotes and action ques taken from Aliens as well.

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That Marvel 2 scoreboard is a beast on 9 stars...

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Watching this only reminded me how much of an amazing fucking game COD4 really was.