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I wish I could work at Giantbomb

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I lived there for six years. Actually I just moved back to Canada in August. During that time I mainly lived in Saitama (just outside of Tokyo). I worked at various English conversation schools in Tokyo and Saitama and in my last 4 years I work as teacher in Elementary and Junior High schools in Saitama. I didnt make a lot of money there but enough to get by and enjoy myself.

I never really had any problems with the language barrier because I found most of the daily things I did English was involved. The only time it was a pain was when I had to get an apartment for myself. For that I needed my Japanese friends to help me.

I really recommend going there. Its an amazing place to visit. I will probably will go back after I finish my masters

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This is not uncommon here in Japan. It's basically illegal to fire people here so, companies break you down until you quit.

It's horrible but it happens all the time.

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As a resident in Japan, this is damn annoying. I just hope the government doesnt draw this out, like they always do.

I just hope by the end of all of this, my credit card will always work on PSN without getting "your credit card is invalid".