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@hammondoftexas: Thanks for the heads up! Should be all fixed.

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I came here just to see complaining about them being white and male.

That will not happen here. The expressed purpose of this thread is to congratulate the new additions to the Giant Bomb family. Anything that is not this will not be allowed.

Can you post the full list of things that we're not allowed to talk about? Or are we also not allowed to talk about the things we're not allowed to talk about? Sorry, just trying to follow the rules here.

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Hey jackals, check out the board game competition that we made, Tabletop Deathmatch. It's about games, you like games. Okay.

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OMFG this is amazing.

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@maxistentialist: What about another porn that uses the sets but isn't in the same series? I think I've found one in the prison shower.

Guys, mosespippy emailed me this morning with [LINK REMOVED] (NSFW obviously) that Ryan and I can confirm was shot at Willow Studios - it uses the gang shower, the roof, and the law office (although mercifully that's not the same table GB used on night 3). To quote Ryan, "There's no part of the buffalo this porn production didn't use, is there?"

We're going to pay out a $100 bounty to mosespippy but we're also going to keep the contest and the $100 bounty going for porn shot on the Giant Bomb E3 sets (and specifically the porn described in the script we found).

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I'm thinking a key to this might be starting with the Lonely Island "Diaper Money" video and working from there to figure out where the studio is located and who else might of shot there.

Here's the studio.

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Hey Duders, Max here from Cards Against Humanity. We're putting a $100 bounty on porn shot on the Giant Bomb E3 set.

Some background: This year Giant Bomb rented a professional studio to shoot their live after-hours E3 coverage in, and it turned out to be one of the weirdest places we’ve ever seen.

The studio included a number of half-assed sets like a police station, a hospital room, a prison shower, a law office, a bar, and numerous bedrooms.

Of course we all made lots of jokes about how these sets were probably used for porn, but everything took a dramatic turn when Nathan Vella found an annotated porn script labeled: Ep 3 - Yellow Revisions - 03/18/2013

The implications here are staggering. We’re pretty sure that such video game luminaries as Jonathan Blow, Cliff Bleszinski, Adam Boyes, and Vinny Caravella used fake desks and beds that hosted vigorous pornographic ball-slapping sex just days or even hours earlier.

Here’s the complete script as a PDF. What we know so far:

  • This is the second episode of a porn series
  • It shot on 03/18/2013
  • Characters include Dylan, Nick, Gio, Mackenzie, Angela, Penny, Ted, Darrington, and Dean Parker
  • Locations include “Kelly’s Bar,” and “Nick’s Campus Apartment”

We’re putting up a $100 bounty for the first person who can find us video of this script or video from another episode of this series that uses the same sets. If you find it, email us at

EDIT: Here's the studio.

EDIT by Rorie: Please keep in mind that this thread is not exempt from our forum rules, people:

  1. NO material of a pornographic, overtly sexual or macabre nature: Includes but not limited to in-game images from pornographic games or hentai, as well as sexually explicit fan art. This includes subjects which may be deemed generally offensive to the community. Additionally, usernames and content in user profiles must be appropriate for all ages.

The mods will be very slightly flexible here since this is a bit of a meta-site post, but direct links to porn videos, porn sites, inline gifs from porn videos, Picard/Kirk slash fiction, and the like will henceforth earn you a suspension at the very least. We don't want to squash anyone's fun, but that doesn't mean that this thread is a license to post whatever you like. If you want to claim a bounty, feel free to use the email address posted in the original post rather than post porn links in this thread.

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Great piece Patrick. This kind of bullshit should be documented and called out.