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Thought the titel was "Suprise! That game Wes Anderson"

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I always appreciated "Grand Theft Auto". On one hand it feels like a product of it's time, it just sounds like a British game form the 90's. On the other hand it's kind of ballsy, it's a long and dumb title, and it took courage to go with it. It' difficult to pronounce and remember if your not a native English speaker, and it so doesn't fit the usually naming trends of video games. Besides that, it's also just really descriptive of course. Grand Theft Auto is a game about grand theft auto.

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PSN: MaxOpower

Timezone: Central European Time

Games: Infamous, Transistor, Wolfenstein, Resogun, AssCreed IV, PS+ Stuff.

I don't play much MP, but I enjoy beating high scorers and the likes.

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At this point it's difficult to not sound kind of sad, kind of desperate. But it's worth a shoot......

Does anybody have a spare codes?

ps. To make it less sad, I made this awesome paint drawing

pps. On arrival of the code, I will draw another equally awesome drawing.

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I live in Europe, so the shows starts at 18 pm Monday, to around 4:30 am the next day. In the past I have always had lots of exams, but this time I'm finally free of any responsibilities. So I'm having a good friend over to watch the show, and more impotently keep me awake. It's not going to be the most impressive "viewing party", but I'm really looking forward to it. Probably wont take the Giantbomb commentary stream, that might get weird....

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The job title talk is nuts. I of course know little of what REALLY goes on at the office, but I don't think the titles mean that much. "associate editor" or whatever it was, just means "guy who knows about videos games, and is comfortable being filmed".

Finding the "right man for the job", is probarly not about finding the dude who's best at punctuation and spell check, but rather the dude who's the most fun to have around.

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Ive noticed that a lot of people are throwing out known names in the industry as people who will fill the open positions. Why would it be so bad if it was a complete unknown?

It's not bad, it's just difficult, no, impossible to speculate about.

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@conmulligan: I get what you are saying. But Giantbomb isn't a huge company looking for corporate lawyers. It's not even IGN or Gamespot, broad gaming sites that represent as much of the "gaming" spectrum as possible. Had it been then I would totally agree. But Giantbomb is a site where a group of friends occasionally talks about video games. Forcing people into friendship is a terrible idea, politically correct or not.

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Reading the Gameinformer reactions is kind of sad, but WHATEVER this is great. And what is with all the "trolling" comments in here, I thought we were past that term years ago.

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People saying Polygon because of his twitter picture need to take a step back and look at it again. It's clearly a joke. And it's a fun joke, but it's also a really shitty imitation. It's just a purple image of him with a triangle cut out. For comparison: