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I enjoyed it a lot. Well, I'm not going to rip it and put it on my iPod, but that's not who it was meant to be enjoyed anyway. I thought it gave us a great taste for something very different but cool. It succeeded in making me hyped for the next album to drop. Not that wasn't looking forward to it, but I didn't expect saxophones!

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>I don't really enjoy Swimming Pools, which I think is fantastically produced, but the lyrics are kinda lame.

You should really listen to the whole album. It's pretty concept heavy. About youth in Compton. Swimming Pools is one of the albums lighter, if not lightest songs. It's kind of made to be cheesy and lame. It's the party song of the track list, and meant to be enjoyed as such, before things go wrong.

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I too have been playing through the series lately. (1-4, GZ, Rising, and PW) And it has become on of, if not my favorite series. So much, that I have already played through 1-4 multiple times over the last 4 months, both alone and with friends. I cannot get enough of MGS, or so I thought. Because PW was a miserable experience. Still is. Because I still haven't been able to get through the game.

I read your piece, in hopes that it might invoke something in me, that might make me go back. But I can't. The game is such a drag. And you seem to love that part of the game. Everything that made the other games special is drowned in uninteresting systems and menus, that I don't know how to navigate. True, MGS is no stranger to obscure systems and menus. But in the past games they have all felt kind of natural to me, and the more obscure stuff never seemed crucial. But having to mess with the motherbase and the mission briefing, just kills any excitement I might have for the next mission.

The reason I like the games. Is the level of detail and personalty every corner of the game has. I was watching MG Scanlon, and enjoying the game like most people probarly did. Drew got caught by Ocelot, he escaped. But the moment he was called up by Grey Fox, to drop the bomb in his inventor. That was the moment I fell in love with the series. The moment I knew I had to play the game myself. So I paused the video. Went to the PSN shop. Bought the game. And played it in one sitting.

Give me a pencil and I could draw every room from 1-3 pretty accurately. I love the tightly nit rooms, the memorable moments, the iconic boss fights, the ester eggs, the item placements, the enemy patterns, the shortcuts, the backtracking, the epic cutscenes. In short, I guess I like the level and gameplay design.

All that said, I'll agree that PW is the best playing of the games (GZ aside). And I appreciate how far the series has come form a game play perspective. But that stuff never really mattered to me. And so, what PW comes down to. Is a game that improves on aspects of the game I didn't care about, add a bunch of bullshit, and completely turns it backs on all the stuff I like

And I really really hope that V, borrows more form Snake eater, than Peach Walker. But at this point I'm not so sure.


Forgot to mention. I was really sad that I didn't like the game. I really like Big Boss, and I was so fucking ready to see what happened to him after Snake eater. But then came motion comics, monster hunter mechanics, and base management.

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>The Puzzle Agent series was basically a Twin Peaks / Professor Layton mash-up (and not very good).

I mostly agree, though I personally think it's the best thing to come out of TellTales, the first game at least.

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Dude your nitpicking. You could just as easily have made a thread with the same picture, yet augmenting for the opposite. Is it really that weird that they try to promote the subscriber content.

(Picture of the full site,as it looked right before I wrote this comment. Free videos in pink.)

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I don't know about PAX, but I know they usually run a Thanksgiving sale, that's at least how I have gotten mine the past few years. Anybody knows if this current sale is the Thanksgiving one?

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Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Sorry, I think it's kind of dumb. It's seems wired to me that I wouldn't be allowed to sit with out my shirt on, playing video games. I'm not forcing anybody to watch me. Is this an american thing?

Also, does this means that Greg Miller wont be on another E3 show?

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>Wonder if it's in indie development, said it wouldn't be mainstream or press and we'd probably never hear from him or something to that effect.

I'm not sure where they are based, but the first though I had was something along the lines of Midnight City or Devolver Digital. That would include the indie scene and a lot of back door dealing and what not. Feel like that might be a good fit for him, and his ability to spot indie talent.

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I never knew the days of GS with Ryan and Jeff. I began following GS right after everything changed, so I was bought up on the likes of Tom Mc Shea, Brendan Sinclair , Kevin and Shaun off course. At this point only Kevin and Waters is left from those days.

It's sad to see Shaun go, but it only feel natural at this point. Tom recently talked about a new podcast with Brendan, I really hope that comes to fruition, but lets see.

It's really weird, those days of GS (Or more specifically the Hotspot) was critical to my gaming upbringing. But I feel so alone about it. The only thing the internet has to say about that period of GS, is usually trash, because of the Jeff thing. But I still look fondly back upon the homo erotic Gears of War haiku poems and the NPD reports.

But if nothing else, at least it seems Shaun has a plan and secured a job.