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Thanks for all the responses everyone!

Certainly has helped with a starting point!

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Thanks for the recommendations guys!


Didn't realize FarCry 4 was a thing! FarCry 3 was great, so I will definitely be looking into that!

Definitely thanks for your thoughts on all the recommendations you gave as well. I'll be looking into a lot of them and gives me a great place to start.

Also, didn't realize was doing a "Games with gold" thing. I'll look that up.


What is D4? I probably am totally just missingn the abbreviation but at this moment it's lost on me!

Awesome! Excited even more. Thanks both of you!

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Hey all,

I've been out of console gaming for awhile and this is my first foray into the new generation of consoles. I'd like some thoughts on games based on what's out there or is to come.

I found the Assasins Creed Unity bundle at Costco for $335 (Yep, they took the 50 off their already discounted price. Love of Costco is reinforced every time I am there! Sorry, tangent.) As I mentioned above, have been out of the console world for awhile so I haven't played Black Flag yet either (well, I've started it now!) therefore this bundle was even a better deal for me.

Otherwise though, I'm not too "in the know" as far as what I should get, or not get or get at a good price etc. I do plan to get the two games below in the relative near future:

- Forza Horizon 2

- Dragon Age: Inquisition (I admit my BioWare bias)

That's about it though. I saw titanfall on Amazon for $20. Is it worth it? Are people still playing it?

Any thoughts, and/or ideas would be much appreciated! Thanks all!

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I am behind it. Absolutely.

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I don't know what to say. He was just married, all the friends and family he impacted...this is just absurd. Crazy. My biggest condolences if this is indeed true and not a wedding joke of sometime.

I definitely want some answers though, questions as to how and what happened.

Again, my heart goes out, this is a truly shocking and sad day.

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That's rather sad. Would have been nice to see Curt be successful. Though, to do so also do need to put out a product that would last. Would of been nice to see what they were *really* working on however, especially considering all the hype and build up that had happened over the years.

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Fable 2 would definitely fall in this category. I've always called it "Pure Fun" as far as my experience with it was. It was wonderful. Still great the second and third time, but not quite the same. That has to be my choice.

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Definitely considering this. Especially since I won't be playing Diablo 3 till end of June. PSN is MoSzy_

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Think I am going to go with PSN+. Extra 8 bucks essentially for three months of PSN+ if you were already planning on purchasing Awesomenauts. Pretty perfect deal right there.

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I've heard such great things. I should really get onto watching it. I've been hooked on Burn Notice lately. Everything however, that I have ever seen of Breaking Bad has been pretty awesome. Thanks for reminding me, even though I need to watch season and 1 and not 4!