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Do you guys want to do Friday Night Thunder tomorrow night? I'll host it a race if so.

EDIT: We'll be running tomorrow at our usual time: 9:00 PM EST / 02:00 GMT. It'll be Gen6 at Daytona!


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Very much looking forward to getting back into iRacing on a more regular basis again, and really excited about Monza! I'd be up for either the oval configuration, or the road+oval config if they include that option. I'd even be willing to buy the Lotus 49 if we decide that's the car we're going to race with.

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Having their forum locked behind a paywall has always been a pain. They should just let everyone view it, but only members can post.

I've been thinking about getting back into racing as well. I've barely hooked the wheel up since the league took a break. I liked our scheduled weekend races. Gave me something to think about and plan for each week. Without that, I feel kinda aimless and rarely even think about joining official races, even though those happen all hours of the day. Plus, it always feels weird racing against random people. I liked racing with you guys. I joined this league at the same time I bought into iRacing, so to me the league and the sim are synonymous.

Attendance will probably still be a factor though. Those races we did where we opened it up to the public went reasonably well. I'd be up for something like that again. Maybe do like a hosted weekend session for a couple weeks, see how that goes.

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Dang, I miss one weekend and now nobody wants to race. Are we not racing at all this weekend then?

That is unfortunate that attendance has been down and understandable that not everyone can make all the races lately, and that some are feeling a little burnt out. A break might be what we need, though I hope people don't forget to come back when we get started up again.

We should use this time to think about how to change things going forward. Two nights of racing instead of three, perhaps. Maybe do a mid-week race and then a weekend race, or something along those lines. No more tracking of points, just race for fun, not for a championship (unless we get attendance back up again). I'm just spitballing here. I think most of these things have already been suggested, I'm just listing a few of them out that might be worth implementing. I'm down for just about anything. Maybe not endurance racing, but just about anything else works for me.

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Hope the race weekend is going well for everyone. I wasn't feeling up to it on Friday, so I missed that race. Wasn't home in time for Saturday's race. I'm pretty sure I won't be home in time for Sunday's race either. I was looking forward to at least doing the Bombcar race this weekend, I like that weird lopsided track. Anyway, have fun tonight. Hopefully I'll see you guys next weekend.

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I got towed to the pits at the end, which put me up one lap of where I should have been. Neemer really won it despite what it shows. It sucks we didn't get better turn-out, but I'm sorta glad it wasn't a full 75 minutes. I can barely focus for more than 15 minutes at a time. Fun track though. Really amazing driving it at night (in a car with headlights even!). Those of you who missed it by choice missed one of the best US circuits.

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Don't expect I'll be home in time for this week's Bombcar, but I should make it to the GT3 race at least.

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Thanks Ironic, you're my hero! Don't let it go to your head.

I was thinking of taking the F1 car to Interlagos. I don't think I've ever done an actual full race there in iRacing yet. My second pick would probably be Suzuka.

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Aaaaand iRacing crashed trying to save the replay of the F1 race. UGH! I wanted to see that first lap again. Would anyone else with the replay mind terribly sharing it?

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I'd be interested in doing that exact same race again, but without the cautions of course.