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@thesupernatural: I've avoided driving it on any road courses for that very reason. It's fantastic on ovals though. Just don't attempt any bump drafting.

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The DW12 is fun and you get an oval and road car for the price of one! Also Charlotte is free, so come and race with us!

Also, the DW12 is easily the most drivable car in iRacing, on ovals at least. On a track like Charlotte it's just pedal to the floor, don't ever touch the brakes or slow down. It's like driving on rails. Great handling, and it's one of the fastest cars you'll ever drive. Being able to drive it in traffic definitely takes skill though, especially since one mistake will send the car on a journey to the stars. But that's what makes racing it exciting. Definitely worth buying.

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I was just realizing last night how a year ago, when I first got into iRacing, I would get incredibly nervous any time I got close to another car. My pulse would go up, the adrenaline would start flowing, I'd become a nervous wreck. Lap 1 was especially always nerve wracking. When you realize that these other cars are driven by real people, and you have a very good chance to ruin someone's day, it's hard to calm yourself down.

But, you eventually get used to it. I noticed last night that I barely get worked up now. I still get a brief moment of panic at the very start of a race sometimes, but that goes away. It's just a matter of getting comfortable enough with the cars that you don't worry so much about crashing, and a matter of time and experience. The more you race, the more relaxed you'll feel. It can take a while to happen though. Just keep racing, you'll gradually get used to it.

One thing you might want to try is to spectate a live race, but then jump into it. If you hit the button at the top of the screen that normally puts you in the car, you'll be placed into your car like usual, but you'll be a ghost to everyone in the actual race. You can't collide with them and they'll never know you're there, but you'll still be able to race them. It's a good way to practice driving in heavy traffic since there won't be any consequences. Just try to police yourself and don't intentionally drive through them. Pretend it's real and actually work on avoiding them while driving as close as you can without touching. It's a good way to practice and you won't get even slightly nervous.

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Last year when I was brand new to iRacing, I liked to spectate races a lot. I just so happened to spectate a rookie Street Stock event at Charlotte one night. The entire race was practically incident free. Nearly every car was racing in a tight pack from start to finish. Pretty impressive considering all the red and orange bumper stickers.

And then this happened on the final lap...

You can see how the leader tried to avoid him, and how he in turn tried to avoid everyone about to run him over, which only made things worse. I've never heard a more livid group of people before. So many voices, so much cussing! They were all so incredibly pissed. The #18 car didn't really say much in defense.

I swore to myself, never be that guy.

And then in tonight's race I exited the pits exactly like he did, nearly wrecking Slowbird who'd pitted a lap earlier. Luckily there was no contact, but what an incredibly ignorant thing to do. And at Charlotte of all places! I became the thing I despised! So stupid.

Anyway, sorry Slowbird. I'm glad you at least got around me. I actually didn't cause anyone to have an incident all race, which is kinda rare (I'm improving!). But that pit exit might as well have been an incident, there's no reason for that kind of driving.

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Welcome @hawk767! You should definitely join us Friday if you're into oval racing. We're at the tail end of our Nascar season, but feel free to join all the same. We can always use more cars on the track. Prior to most races, we have a two hour practice session that's open to anyone. That won't show up on the league page though, you'll have to just check the Hosted Sessions tab for it.

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@iron1c: Did you just get that Playseat or is that what you've had all along? I have pretty much that same model (mine is silver). I actually don't mind the center post. I was using the clutch pedal when I first got into iRacing, but I eventually abandoned it as it wasn't making me any faster (and it never felt like a real life clutch anyway). I took it out and slid the brake over, so now I brake with the left foot. Just gas and brake for me. Center post doesn't interfere. Understandably though, if you're dedicated to three pedals, that Playseat model is awful. So are you stuck with the Playseat or what? You could always get Fanatec pedals (money not withstanding) and put the brake pedal on the left like I did. Or send the cockpit back and get something else.

Also, if you're using the stock seat in that cockpit and you value your spine at all, get one of these immediately:

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I'm not gonna make it tonight unfortunately. I really like that track too. Good luck everyone! I might get there in time to spectate but not likely to get in early enough to grid.

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It didn't really feel like all that small of a track to me. Seemed kinda long. Maybe that's just a perception thing though. I'd almost rather we used the Charlotte infield instead. Or maybe the Jefferson course at Summit Point.

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I gotta ask... any special reason to race the Auto Club road course for the Jetta series? It doesn't seem like a great candidate to me. It might as well be a parking lot with orange cones marking the lanes. No elevation change, no real banking, not much in the way of brake markers. It's just... plain. I imagine most people who jump into these races are going to be road course racers for the most part. Not many people who identify themselves as such are likely to own Auto Club. I think it's a great oval, but not so much a great road course. I've never raced there so I could be wrong. I think Lime Rock or something would be better for this car.

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Got the email and the iRacing notification.