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The Gen6 race was much more eventful than the RUF race for sure. Lots of drafting, lots of rubbing, lots of crashing. I'd champion a Bombcar (or new series) involving that car with fixed setups on big ovals (and Dover/Bristol for good measure). Or something slightly slower but a bit more manageable. Holding the line in a draft with this car is exciting/scary.

I'm down for Motegi too. I don't own it yet in iRacing but I liked it in Forza and LOVED it in Ferrari F355 Challenge. The oval configuration probably won't be half as good as my memory of racing it in that game, but I'd still be willing to toss some money at iRacing to try it out.

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@khann said:

Come race the AWD around Daytona! Then we race the Gen 6.

Come and race the Gen 6 at least! The turnout for the AWD wasn't great, but now that I've raced it I think I know why. Gen 6 should be great though.

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Looks good!

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@mouse said:

Well, the top 5 is basically locked in now; @maxx77 would need max points with @pseg finishing 13th and @khann 19th. So, yeah, top 5 is set.

Heh yep. That was one of my all time best iRacing finishes, and yet it was just about the worst possible outcome in terms of the points race. PsEG is the only person I'm really competing with, and he finished ahead of me. And he beat me using the setup tweaks that I spoke aloud about. Oh well. I'm not bitter. I screwed myself a long time ago by missing a race due to my brake pedal dying. Won't make that mistake next time, even if I have to race with the mouse and keyboard. Good luck to the top 5! The rest of us get to race in the final 3 events regardless. I'm dying to get back to Bristol and Dover.

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It's very unlikely I'll be home this Sunday, so no GBF1 most likely. It's a real shame since I bought that car last season but I don't remember having done any races in it other than maybe Friday Night Thunder. I love driving the equivalent of that car in other sims. Hopefully I'll be able to catch the one on 6/1.

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@maxx77 yep did all that hoping its just a learning curve for right now my G27 pedals are 2 seconds faster then these pedals in the skippy. But i have only used the CRS pedals for a couple of days now so i will give them a few days before i put them back on ebay.

What do you mean by 2 seconds faster? You press the brake and there's a 2 second delay before the game recognizes it? It takes 2 seconds longer to come to a complete stop?

On the back of the pedal, where the hydraulic attaches, which notch is it screwed into? If it's on the very bottom one you'll get more travel on the pedal and reduce the amount of force it takes to push the pedal (good for long races if your feet get sore), but the big drawback is that the load cell won't get enough force applied to it. You might end up only getting 80% braking power with the pedal pushed all the way down, even at full sensitivity.

At the second notch (from the bottom), you should get the full 100% brake power and get the actual benefit of having a load cell (harder you push the pedal, the stronger the braking). The drawback is you don't have much travel in the pedal and it takes a lot more force to push, which is something I'm struggling with right now since I recently moved the hydraulic from the bottom notch to this one. I find I don't always push the pedal hard enough and go wide on turns, or I push it way too hard and lock the tires, which happened a few times last night at Thompson.

Anyway, maybe that'll help? That's about the limit of what I understand about this pedal. I got mine right before I got into iRacing, so I'm pretty much accustomed to it. If you've been on the G27 pedals this whole time, you might be better off just sticking to those.

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I just got new pedals (CRS Elite) and having a hard time figuring out the brakes.

Go into the options and turn the braking Force Factor to 0. That's the correct setting if you're using a load cell brake pedal. I only just recently figured that out after all this time of playing iRacing. You should also turn the dial on the pedal all the way up. Prior to each race, it's a good idea to quickly run through the pedal configuration wizard just to make sure iRacing knows the full range of the pedals.

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@pseg Sorry about the contact on the final restart. Slowbird and Mouse got into it coming out of turn 2, Slowbird hit the wall (and hopped a good ways off the ground from Khann and I's perspective), Khann then swerved to dodge and I swerved to dodge him. Unfortunately you got whiplashed off the track as a result. I wasn't fighting for a position, it was just an unskillful attempt to avoid what looked like a big wreck in progress.

All the same, that was a crazy shootout. Pretty spectacular finish for such an inconspicuous track. From my view, Slowbird and a couple other cars looked like they were above the ground more than they were on it. I don't know how you guys got across the line without a massive accident. 'Grats on the oval win, Mouse!

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@pseg You alt-tabbed out a second too early! I knocked your car over the fence towards the crowd.